Skypeforlinux forcing gcr-prompter asking for gnome keyring password every time starting KDE

Everytime I start my KDE desktop I get two windows popping up asking me entering my keyring password. One is Kwallet, which is fine. But then there is a second one, a window opened by gcr-prompter. As it opens I can't do any other things anymore, I need to input the password before I can continue using my KDE-desktop.

What is this for?

I should mention that I have cinnamon installed, too. However, I don't use it normally.

Is it your Kgpg, or your Kleopatra or your gpg-agent or something like that wanting to cache your passphrase for your keys or something?

In your Plasma session you have to disable Gnome keyring autostart. Am I guessing right?

@jsamyth Thank you for your question! But why should Kgpg, Kleopatra or gpg-agent use the gnome keyring in KDE? Or how can I check that?
@AgentS I know there are many ways to enable an autostart, but I didn't find any signs I added Gnome keyring to KDE's autostart. However, in Cinnamon it would make sense and maybe it is somewhere in the home folder, which hosts both desktop editions configs. Do you know how to disable an autostart?

In a lot of DEs it's in ~/.config/autostart/*.desktop

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I checked ~/.config/autostart and found the culprit: skypeforlinux

Is there any known way to configure skypeforlinux not to use the gnome keyring but kwallet instead?

This doesn't make sense to me. Is Gnome-keyring autostarted?
If yes, disable it. You shouldn't have two keyrings in one session.

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Because not everything uses kwallet. (In fact I never use kwallet for pgp/pgp keys.

So it you start an agent, such that ssh etc will have your key's cached, you end up needing to enter your passwords.

Depending on how you start KDE, you can probably shut down such things, save your session, and tell KDE to always start with a pre-saved session, rather than trying to load all the prior running tasks (which is the default)

That would/should prevent it starting those tasks until you ask for them.

You might check that systemd isn't starting them as well.

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Thank you @AgentS & @jsamyth. I suddenly had to move and haven't had internet to check new messages. Please excuse the late reaction!

@AgentS: Gnome keyring is not autostarted. I don't have two keyrings in one session.
@jsamyth: That looks like a very good idea, so save a session and starting it, this way defining what starts. However, I start with an empty session plus autostart some programs. I switched of autostart for skype and the problem is away.

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