Sleep and Hibernate no longer work

My Sleep and Hibernate no longer work. It used to work, but for some unknown reason they have both stopped at the same time. Is there a way to get them functioning again?

Wow... you have not exactly provided an overwhelming amount of basic info here. Whilst far from any kind of exhaustive list, for starters:

  1. What is your "flavour" of Manjaro, eg, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, GNOME, MATE, i3, OpenBox, Awesome... ++
  2. What Manjaro Branch are you using; Unstable, Testing or Stable [i am *guessing* Stable]? --> Yes i see now it is Stable.
  3. Have you just done any Updates immediately before this occurred?
  4. Did you install or remove any software packages immediately before this occurred?


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Sorry for being vague. My bad. Anyway it is KDE and I have done updates both before and after. I had many opportunities to do updates because I put up with it for several weeks.

Anyway to cut a long story short Manjaro was also freezing several times in the space of 30 mins. That also included straight after a reboot and even during system load up before I could even get to a desktop.

This was my golden opportunity to format and rebuild again and find the culprit. So I did just that. After a fresh install I slowly added one app at a time then tested the sleep function. It all worked fine till I installed the Tresorit client from their website which is a cloud based storage account. After this the sleep mode stopped working. And just to prove a point I uninstalled it then sleep started working again. I also installed it from AUR in pacman and sure enough once again sleep mode stopped working. Then I uninstalled Tresorit from pacman then again the sleep function, as designed, once again started working.

After this post I am going to advise Tresorit of this bug and hopefully (yeah right!) in the not too long distant future they will fix this issue. So kdemeoz I really do appreciate your expressed help and enthusiasm with my little problem because as a NOOB and the switch over to Manjaro I have read how good the support is in this community and you really display that. People like you make the support community what it is and the reputation it deserves. I have had two posts (including this one) so far and the response time I get is measured in minutes not in days so far. Thanks once again :slight_smile:


It's ok, i expect you likely were feeling frazzled when you posted, given it was a nasty problem indeed. After all, you knew exactly what your system is, so why on earth couldn't we mind-read, right? :grinning:

Whilst a full reinstallation seems pretty full-on, nevertheless i commend your subsequent keen kool [y'see, as KDE users, we're not allowed to write words not beginning with k] detective work. What a really strange root-cause / culprit you discovered!

Welcome to Linux, Manjaro & KDE... a konsiderably kool kombo! :laughing:


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