Slim will not start/login openbox [SOLVED]

Hi, I have trimmed and cropped an OpenRC built and updated/upgraded to current in testing. Everything fine with both 4.9 and 4.12 -amd64

One problem I had was with wifi, will not connect on its own on login, I
had to connect it everytime.
After I took off most of xfce and rebooted I tried to keep slim and get rid of
lightdm I restarted and ended up in console. Logged in and tried to start slim. Slim starts fine and goes to login, I chose openbox and log in either root or user. None go to openbox. "Fails to login" it says.
Back to the console if I wanted to reinstall lightdm or lxdm I have no connection.

Either I need to connect the wifi from console, which I do not know how to do, or get slim to connect with openbox.

Any assistance is appreciated. After all the OpenRC run fine and was updated, it was my doing breaking it. But there are great hopes for this.
I just want to avoid reinstallation.

Right click on network manager tray icon -> Edit connections -> Choose your wifi -> Edit -> General tab:

is "allow all users to connect to this network" ticked?

I dont know how well Slim is supported nowadays, but you could try connecting to wifi via command line using nmtui.

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Slim is out of date nowadays, it is recommended to use lightdm instead. I was using Slim for ages but eventually it started causing problems for me. Not with my wifi but I was unable to log in etc etc... switched to lightdm (it was good but it is a bit of a hassel to set it up if you dont want to use the default theme.)

I'm not sure what networking utilities you have installed so can't really advise on how to get wifi working.

If you can use "lightdm--gtk-greeter-settings" its easy to set a background.

In other linux I know how to download a package and dependencies and built it, with arch/manja I am not that familiar. So I can not do it. It has to be the package for testing I guess.
I can download it from here and store it and access it from the installation with problems. Before I run into problems I had lightdm concurently with lightdm, I took it for granted slim works. So I removed lightdm and slim could start itself but log in does not lead to openbox. I am going to try
nmtui and return. If it works I will install lightdm again.

Openbox (or any other WM only session) is a PITA with OpenRC. I tell from experience without claiming any knowledge of the internals. I also remember (maybe wrongly) that @artoo used to be always sceptical about WM only setups.
An LXDE or better an LXQt session should work fine.

That nmtui is a lifesaver for anyone risking being stuck at the console with very tiny letters and only weird wifi connection being off.
I think this is an OpenRC thing to figure out, to set networking to autostart.

Lightdm did not result in success, I don't know why because it worked before I removed it.
Lxrandr said it Gtk couldn't get the X.. up.

So I downloaded lxdm and voila, which looks like my systemd Manjaro

Openbox with conky from Manjaro and an actual background is the best openbox I have even seen.
Even the menu out of the box is "butt kicking" good.

I think this is it for me, OpenRC openbox ... and lxdm

I am in the forum from the previously broken installation.

aaditya I owe you hours of work. You are the master of disaster, the
ayatollah of rock and rollahhh

Why haven't I heard about this nmtui before
For the same reason I had not heard of gksu before


I beg to differ, although I use some lxde tools in openbox. This is really light on resources and it is good to configure. I've been used to openbox with just a blackscreen and a minimal menu to start a terminal. Obconf obmenu, tint2, conky, came out of the box. So did a configuration submenu with direct access to the conf files for all those tools. This is like custom making a desktop exactly how you want it and with what you want,
It seems in Manjaro you don't have to look for hours to find the conf files to get all this done. It is all there within
a right click.
Lxqt which I installed in a friends pc (who thinks it is a new form of windows) seems to flaky and bogus to me.
LXDE is the king of desktops for daily work.
Openbox is stricktly business with an eye on the resources monitor.
So long systemD suckers :slight_smile:


@fungilife thx for the comment, made my day to read it :smiley_cat:

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