Slow wifi, multiple fixes and reinstalls tried

I get this when I run the command:

$ lsmod | grep <any of the module names before .ko>
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

I mean something like this:

lsmod | grep brcmfmac

When I run that command I get error: target not found: drivers

go with one thing after the other. If you choose @tbg, go through with that first. If you want to go with me, same thing. Doing things at the same time will only mess up ur system

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Also, after recreating the blacklist.conf file I now have to connect with my phone to get any wifi.

Yes that would be normal until you finish installing the linux414-headers & broadcom-wl-dkms drivers.

That is assuming you are on kernel 4.14.

I'm running Currently running: 4.14.44-1-MANJARO (linux414) so yes.
I was able to install linux414-headers but I get an error when I try:

$ pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms drivers
error: target not found: drivers

I am not sure what you are saying here. Installing headers to have a driver to run includes to compile the driver with this specific headers. When he updates to the next kernel the system could break again.

No that is not what happens with dkms driver versions. They are automatically regenerated for each new kernel.

Sorry the install for the drivers needs sudo.

sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms
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Aha, I got you. With the headers already installed the next update will of course pull the new headers.

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@calvous @tbg @cimarronline @jonathon.

It's solved. Thank you all very much.

I had to run

sudo pacman -S linux414-headers

as well as

sudo pacman -S linux416-headers

because I am an idiot and had 416 installed too. After running both of these commands

sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms drivers

and a reboot solved the problem.

Again, thanks a lot, I am very greatful to have working internet again.

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This is awesome!!! :smile:

You're very welcome. If you find these drivers flaky then just repost and we will help you install the alternate drivers. If things are working well then mark the thread as solved. Happy you've got your WiFi back. :smile:

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ps. I apologize for some of the missteps I gave you that got you very flustered. I'm used to people having ethernet connected during troubleshooting. I should have modified the procedure to leave the blacklisting until the very end. I was also working off my phone which is very awkward, and I never noticed a couple of typos I made. I went back and edited a couple of things, so that others wouldn't get messed up by the typos when reading this thread.

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Here is an interesting link for the solution
Dynamic Kernel Module Support
Very worth reading.

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