Small annoyances that drives you nuts?

Here is an example:
I have now ran Budgie side by side (separate install on new partition) with Gnome.

As a Gnome user I am not used to the (any) app menu (well in windows, but that's not auto-categorized), and I find the fact that Linux apps have their own "tags" (I assume?) that puts them automatically in different categories very annoying. And I assume the same apps end up in the same category regardless of distro or DE? So this is not a Budgie problem?

Because believe it or not I find it easier to find apps in Gnome than in an app menu that is utterly random:

Some image viewers end up in "graphics". Eye Of Gnome is under "utilities". Because... frakk you, I guess.
Gnome System Monitor is under Utilities and not under System Tools, because a program named System Monitor that you monitor the System with has nothing to do with System Tools. Right?
Htop on the other hand ends up in System Tools.
Same with a large number of other apps that just... puts themselves wherever. At least two other actual tools to handle the System is in Utilities and not in System tools.

Now there are other annoyances specifically with Budgie, like a lot of apps not showing up said menu until reboot. Which is something I have not noticed in Plasma nor XFCE.

I like Budgie very much despite my initial rant against it here, but some small things are very annoying.
But then on my Gnome installation I can't uninstall OpenWeather, because every time I try, Openweather just launches a new instance of itself (Right now I have three openweather applets running on he top bar side by side after trying to uninstall it twice).
Oh and Workspace To Dock breaks every time ANY other extension is updated.


It can be a little chaotic. Regardless of what DE I am using I pretty much just search the app menu unless I don't know what I am looking for. But yes, that is not a Budgie specific problem.

I have noticed the same thing. There is probably a way to reload the menu without actually logging out but I have never really looked into it.

One might ask what the use of a categorized menu is if the search app is quicker and more reliable anyway... :wink:

Try uninstall it from the package manager, usually, it is gnome-shell-extension-[Name] or something similar. Also as it comes pre-installed it could be a dependency for the Manjaro-gnome-assets (or equivalent) package, try removing that.

Recently W2D, was a bit problematic. I made a habit to disable all extensions before updating any extension, as quite often updating one breaks the shell (usually when the repo version and gnome extensions website version differ). Also if you are on the Xorg session, just restart gnome shell after extension update.

As for your initial problem, just use app launcher which in Budgie should be Alt+F2 and type application name. :wink:

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It is useful when you want to launch a program with the mouse alone or when you forget the name of a program.

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Sometimes on Budgie, I dont have delete option when opening folders as administrator.

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Baloo on KDE, when I start transfer my file from other computer it will use 100% hdd or even moving file to other folder which cause everything to freeze for a moment so I have to disable it, but I fear that new user will not know.

The whole nautilus reporting copy is done but I have to run ‘$ sync ‘ just to be sure to unplug the damn drive, dangerous as F. i wonder how people are not going crazy.

When I was DE shopping I almost gave up on KDE until I realized that baloo was the cause of my grief. Disabled it and KDE is speedy on my old hardware.

Ahh, you're talking about flash drives?

CCFL backlights, like bhp in ageing car engines the power diminishes over time - both my older 19" monitors were rated when new at 300cd/m³ maximum.

measuring them at maximum output with a spyder5 it seems the backlights are fading quite a lot now. the samsung is the worst affected of the two and is now near enough 160cd/m³ so still just about useable, as and when it drops below 150cd/m³ it's time to recycle. The iiyama still manages a more respectable 200cd/m³ and the colours look okay on both after tuning them up with DisplayCAL.

at least LED ones won't lose brightness as fast (don't be fooled into thinking LEDs don't dim over time because they do) even if they come out the factory preset blindingly bright.

Yes! And before you gona slap me with journaling file systms I say.. I know that but I dont like that,!

No, I agree. The main drawback to raspberry pi is corrupted flash drives.

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