SMPlayer stopped working

Good day people SMPlayer uses a command line switch "input-file" deprecated in mpv 0.30 and completely removed few days ago. Can you please update Smplayer. Also is there a way to downgrade an AUR package?

There's no newer stable version of SMPlayer to update to. However, you can use the bleeding edge version from the AUR, smplayer-svn. I'm currently using it with no issues. I would also update to smplayer-themes-svn from smplayer-themes if you have that installed.

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@Yochanan is right there is no newer version of SMPlayer available. As stated you could try the dev version, but my suggestion is to try to get to the bottom of why the release version isn't working for you any more. Just tested the release version which is what I use ans all's still here.

Good day, the problem starts because you deactivated vapoursynth support on the community MPV. So SVP doesn't work. So we install MPV from AUR and booom. One time is this the other LibDvdCss and as time goes we need even more AUR packages to install.

Who are you talking to? mpv is an Arch community package. Manjaro does not make any changes to it.

I'm sorry but you might as well be speaking Greek to me. All I know SMPlayer is one of the first things I install any any OS and have never had an issue with it.

Since when did the mpv package have vapoursynth support?

Here is a post from September of last year where you were complaining there that is was not enabled.

Sorry if i got it wrong, but all AUR versions have it, so i assumed that ARCH have it. Anyway is it that hard to enable it?

It isn't hard to enable but it isn't a package that Manjaro is currently managing.

So, you would either have to convince the Arch maintainer to make the change or convince one of the Manjaro maintainers to start maintaining it and add the flag. Maintaining a package is actually a decent amount of work, especially as the number of packages stack up.

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