Snapd has been updated in the AUR

AUR has been updated, i was able to get snap working on my laptop. Here is the link

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...So you mean the repos should update the package.
That may be a good suggestion. And as Arch doesnt even package it, we dont inherit it and build it ourselves. Thanks for the notify. In the future these things can go here.
[apparently this became available a few weeks ago. I am surprised there is a whole page about it, but in any case everyone has the ability to use the AUR instead of the packaged version in manjaro repos]

Reported the outdated packages on the right thread.

Topic renamed to explain what is going on here.

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I don't understand this thread at all. snapd has been available in the repos for some time.

2.36.2 is available in the unstable repos, it just hasn't made it to stable yet.

What is the actual issue here?

Do you mean 2.36.3?

:smirk: This is the point. 2.36.3 is available in AUR and the repos only offer 2.36.2 at the moment.

As it is not normally availabe in arch repods we know it is being packaged by manjaro (and has somehow been missed for updating). Again, that is why it is a candidate for the other thread and a welcome observation, even if the comments are confused.

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thanks for updating the title

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