So I've had it with Mozilla's incompetence.

Hey, we have this very crucial certificate that is about to expire, taking all our users' addons with it.

Should we renew it then?


So yeah, I'm guessing that this conversation, or one really similar to it happened within the last 3 weeks at Mozilla HQ.
And you read the topic title. This is it for me.
I tolerated enough crap (taking away the default tab groups, the pocket bulls__t, the move to webext...) but this particular f__kup just shows that there is something VERY wrong going on inside Mozilla.

Goodbye Firefox, barely knew ya'.


here a temp fix
open a new tab. in the url. type. about:config
search for xpinstall.signatures.required change from true to false.


First world problems.

The horror!!! :scream:


Only works for dev & nightly versions according to the bug report.

it working for me with 66.0.3.

You should stop using Manjaro then. They had a similar issue. Not like people can make mistakes now is it.


Only other option is Chrome or Chromium based browsers ... no thanks.

This sort of thing should never happen for an organization the size of Mozilla, but the alternative is exponentially worse IMHO ... and it is literally a 10 second workaround, even if you type slow.


I know right. Here I am waiting on the Tesaban (village) water truck to come around and fill our water tank. Since we have not had city water for almost 2 months now.

As for your issue, we'll good luck out there. Finding a non-chromium based browser.




ooo ya a browser that own by a Chinese businessman. :upside_down_face::exploding_head:

You kinda focused on the wrong thing. The 12 was the salient point... hey Presto.

Whilst i entirely agree with your sentiments for current Opera [which i dropped completely a couple of years ago once i learned of the then-imminent sale], my old Opera12 that i keep installed here purely for reminiscing reasons [given it does not work properly on a plethora of sites these days, of course] has had no code updates for years & of course never will again... so its current code is loooooooooong before China came into the picture.

You could try looking into Otter Browser. it a qt5 browser that try to capture what made Opera12 good. it use QtWebKit witch is base on chromium.

No, wait, there's some confusion here. I do not need to do anything... i am not the one who initiated this complaint [per this thread], i'm not the one whingeing about FF, I'm not trying to change my default browser [sometimes FF-Dev.Ed, sometimes (& currently) Vivaldi-Snapshot]. My sole horse in this race was simply that i made a self-evidently sarcastic remark, above.

Fwiw, i have already tried Otter. Every single time i launched it, within minutes, it would lock up, & several times it actually froze my pc. It no longer lives on my SSD. That project has years ahead of it before it might produce a viable alternative.


I hope they fix this soon. I had forgotten how much crap they push on us with their advertising. :radioactive:

1 Like firefox is so customized I have no tabs without add-ons.

It was something of a shock when I was locked into a single tab. :laughing:


This thread on mozilla forum is the one to follow instead of posting cr*p:



429 Too Many Requests

Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install
May 4
1 / 6
May 4
1h ago

Caitlin Neiman
At about 6:10 PST we received a report that a certificate issue for Firefox is causing add-ons to stop working and add-on installs to fail.

Our team is actively working on a fix. We will update as soon as we have more information.

Server is down?

maybe too many people are trying to view it at once?

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Those that cant view the site. Here all you really going need to know.

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