Softmaker 2018-974

I am not a Newbie, but my knowledge of Linux is general. I can usually point and click, but the command line kills me. For a couple of years, I would download a version of linux iso and install it on a flash drive. After catching the linux fever, I tried many versions and found Manjaro to work well with my old and new laptops. I must admit it is an advance version, but it is easy to install and navigate around.

If there is one thing that has haunted me with Linux, it is the tar file. I cannot for the life of me install the files. Recently, I ran into this problem with I purchased the full version of SoftMaker Free Office. I went down the list to find Arch Linux is not list in the easy updates and considered, "other". Well...I saw the dreaded tar file said a few choice words.

I tried looking in Pacman with no luck. Now, I am chewing on my fingernails realizing I still cannot extract and load a tar file. Can anyone help me install this update?

Thank you very much for your help!

You don't need to download or install it manually. It is a repo package. In fact, if you successfully managed to update it manually, you would probably end up with a broken system update process.

If the package is out of date just post in this thread and ask for it to be updated.

Thx for informing us about the update. We will renew our packages today for all branches.

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