Software for very simple, Z80/8-bit-like "music" creation

Title says it all.
When I was a kid, I used a few BASIC commands like ENT and ENV to generate very simple sound curves:

Do we have similar tools available for Manjaro?
Or any other simple (!) tools that would allow me to create the typical 8-bit sound?
I don't know much about electronic music generation, I play the (analog) piano... :slight_smile:

this is a lot more complex than you requested, but you might enjoy playing with rosegarden. it's in manjaro's repositories.

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Thanks, I know rosegarden from the past, but that's indeed too complex. I also use MuseScore for notation.

You could try any of a number of trackers such as:

LSDJ (paid)
Sunvox (hybrid interface, very interesting and fun)
SID Wizard

and many others. Some of these are even available in the AUR. Others might have linux versions, or be easy to build, or run on emulators


There's also MadTracker. It even supports VST plugins. Too bad it was discontinued. I bought it many years ago and enjoyed it a lot. I ran it on Windows, but I think it runs on Wine.

The dev has a load of excellent software, all well worth playing with.

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there is one thing i had back then that made a worthwhile musical noise on a Z80
sinclair spectrum with the specdrum hardware/software add-ons
the sampled sounds are pretty decent considering (except the cowbell!)
but the ui is extremely primitive

no idea how to do it on a linux emulator, or which of the many versions can support it
not looked into it again for years.
modern linux stuff is really much easier, just get retro sounds and mix it down

do not recommend trying it, unless you are determined to be authentic and a bit crazy

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