Solarwinds RMM TakeControl Viewer

Hi community,

i was wondering if anyone knows how to get Solarwinds Take Control Viewer and Background Viewer (part of Solarwinds RMM) running on Linux.

I used to get it to run back in Fedora 26, but haven't been able to since then on either Manjaro (not officially supported), Ubuntu or newer Fedora versions.

Manjaro is my preferred daily driver and i was hoping to find some help here. Currently i'm using Windows in a VM just to use TakeControl and it's not ideal.

As far as i understand is that the Linux installer script for TakeControl (.deb or .rpm that they offer*) is using Wine as a background service to get it running, but i always get errors when trying to install. Something because of 32-bit libaries i guess.

*here's their officially supportet OS list: Solarwinds TakeControl Linux

so if anyone knows how to get it running (preferably Manjaro, but Ubuntu or Fedora would already be nice), i would be forever grateful. thx

I don't understand anything from their documentation.

Linux Agent Release Notes
Technical support for the Linux Monitoring Agent is also available through the Support Forum.

The link is dead. Congratulations!

Thank you for your time!
Your link (even though it's dead) is for the monitoring agent on Linux. I have no interest atm getting this to run. (TakeControl gives access to PCs with the agent installed)

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