Solus' former developer is back with a new OS


and ikey stop in ? ... non merci

Moving away from x86_64-generic baseline to newer CPUs


applications reliant on containers only.

that Serpent Linux is not Serpent GNU/Linux

is a android for arm with Podman apps ?

This is not your typical user-facing Linux distribution.

If you’re looking for a modern, lightweight, user-friendly, privacy-focused Linux desktop distribution, then you’re in the wrong place.

ok :sleeping:


They lost me there for the second time. The first time was with the name, but i still wanted to read about it. :slight_smile:

Third time is a charm. I wish them all the best, but is clear for me, we are not for each other at all.


Anything that man says has no weight to me. He has shorter commitment span than a sparrow.
Still, his life, his time. Good luck!


OK 784 distros there, still 780 useless! :slight_smile:

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I wish him luck - maybe in ten years time, if he's still with it, there's a chance it may surprise us all.

But for now, I'm just going to watch another film instead.


I wish Ikey luck, but based on his track record I won't be wasting any time on Serpent.


Moving thread from #off-topic to #other-os.

This is a crazy OS that Ikey have plans for.


*Another comedy

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From reading the comments here, i thought
c'est le serpent qui se mort la queue!


Sounds like it is trying too hard to be the next Arch or Void. I don’t think it will last long but we’ll see. Best of luck regardless.

Closer to void linux, alpine linux, and openmandriva all kind of mix into one


You know that picture where the chemist starts putting random stuff into the same jar and then it explodes? That’s what I just thought of. (No offense to you, I actually agree with your description.) Hopefully this Serpent Linux doesn’t go boom.


Some decisions like support for UEFI-only install sound really well-thought to me. At least for a new distro. I won't use it anyway of course :wink:

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Well Fedora is dropping legacy Bios soon, so it is not new...


Can't agree more with these comments there:

Ikey has a history of starting projects and then throwing in the towel. He’s a flaky character.

Well he has abandoned his work 2x’s this will, in all likelihood be the next. He gets burned out and, whoosh, gone.

And suddenly he abandons it like he did with Solus

Unfortunately, Ikey’s attention span is pretty short, how long before he walks?

Since Ikey left Solus, the project seems to stop evolving, no more switch to Qt, no more applets being developed by the team. Ubuntu Budgie created more applets, but Solus doesn’t want to add them in. Uh, I expected a lot for Solus, but it seems that it just another distro that calls “independent” but don’t create much, slow development…

Sorry Ikey, once I trusted you.

The short story behind leaving Solus. He was not making enough money to support his family. He move to UK with his new full-time job.


Do you really believe that,

Aw, scandals, scheming, investigations! Loving it! (no)

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