[SOLVED] Alsoft and JACK2 sound-level adjusting issue

Using Manjaro MATE (community edition) and running JACK2 audio-server, with Cadence and the integrated audio-device Intel NM10/ICH7 , there are some applications, as Telegram Desktop and Minetest, which send their sounds (notifications, music, sound of files... all their sound) via Alsoft, so I can't adjust their volumes, even if I deactivate the sound on the system.

Seems that Alsoft works as an apart audio-server


This means I can't control the volume of sound of those applications that send their sound via Alsoft. When I run the system without Jack, these sounds go via PulseAudio, so I do can adjust the volume.

I was not able to identify what exactly is Alsoft, but I suspect that it's OpenAL Soft.
So the solution that I imagine that it would work is to re-route Alsoft to PulseAudio. Do I'm right? Do anyone know how to do this?

Audio Device: Intel NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio
Audio Driver: snd_hda_intel

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Some applications use OpenAL Soft, also known as Alsoft, for their sound, mainly videogames.
This client creates an JACK instance when running JACK.

To fix that, read this:

it seems a bit odd to be forcing alsoft not to use JACK rather than just turning off JACK
audio would not try to connect to JACK if it is not running and would use Pulseaudio or whatever else may be available

i use qTox specifically because it can use alsoft for JACK audio (but also has options for using Pulseaudio or ALSA devices)
so do not need to add another Pulseaudio JACK Sink and Source to connect it in from Pulseaudio

i use jack_mixer to check and adjust all audio levels, and re-route audio if needed


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In my case I do need to use JACK everytime because I use a lot music-creation programs such as Ardour, Carla an so.
Those programs needs to use JACK so, when they're launched, they launch JACK with them. This causes other programs not to work. Is for this that I always use JACK, for not having any kind of problem.

But as said, Alsoft doesn't work under general volume control if it creates an JACK instance, so I prefer if it always works through PulseAudio.

Your solution is not bad and you're right about mine is an odd solution, but I need to do that for my specific situation :slight_smile:

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