[SOLVED] Bcm4331 wifi

Hi All

I have a bcm4331 in a macbook pro 17 2011 model.

For some reason the wifi dropouts and keeps reconnecting which gets very annoying.

Is there some special driver I need. Do I use the b43 drivers or the broadcom-wl drivers thank you.

Generally I recommend the Broadcom DKMS driver version for use with this adapter. Broadcom adapters are often problematic in Linux, and have seemed to be even worse of late on recent kernels.

I would recommend following the procedure in the following link to see if you can improve your adapters performance:

(edit) In addition disabling MAC address randomization was required to fix the connectivity issues with this adapter.

You are doomed. These chips are highly customised for Apple, and often they behave horribly.

I tried to fix a few of them, without success. The only way to fix it would be to write the driver by yourself, but it seems that people just gave up on writing drivers for Macs.

Some people do manage to get their Apple Broadcom cards working adequately in Linux but it is usually an uphill battle. Give it a go you may get lucky.


I have changed from the b43 drivers to the broadcom-wl drivers using the 4.17 kernel.

I will check tomorrow to see how it works with the specific router that keeps dropping out on me.

The 4.17 kernel is End Of Life (EOL). It is not supported any longer and you should not be using it. Try kernel 4.18 or 4.19 instead.

Keep us informed on how you make out.

You also may want to double check your router settings that might cause problems. See this guide:


Ok will upgrade to the 4.19 kernel tomorrow when at home. The broadcom-wl works so much better than b43. I don't get dropouts but I get some data stalls where nothing happens.

Under dmesg I get this error.

[19569.320770] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_station :
[19569.320771] Wrong Mac address, mac = 34:db:fd:36:6b:4f profile =34:db:fd:24:7e:9f

See how I go on the 4.19 kernel later.

Perhaps try disabling "Mac address randomization". If you search those terms you should find the method posted quite easily on the forum.

You also might want to try assigning a static IP address in your routers configuration via Mac address association.

ok it seems everything is all good now in regards to the bcm4331 wireless card now. Feel relived, thanks to all who responded

Do you know what fixed it up for you.

yes the broadcom-wl fixed the dropout issues, still some but rare compared to using the b43,

Then the mac address fixed, the other types of dropouts that I had with industrial routers,

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