[Solved]Blank dark screen

If I understand correctly, to avoid this issue with drivers will it be better to upgrade everything in tty in the first place? Don't run update from graphical interface but use tty from the beginning?

I have not installed anything yet, just want to make sure it will all go smoothly and without problems.

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Update resulted in non-booting system (or, at least, not to the GUI of Manjaro KDE).
Tried everything found here in the forum, to no result.

I can login into TTY.
pacman -Syyu results in: "there is nothing to do".

mhdw -li gives:
Installed PCI configs:
video-hybrid-intel-nouveau-bumblebee 2017.03.12 true PCI
video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-340xx-bumblebee 2017.03.12 false PCI

Warning: No installed USB configs!

inxi -G gives:

Graphics: Card-1:Intel Mobile 4 Series Integrated Graphics Controller
Card-2: NVIDIA G98M [GeForce 9300M GS]
Display Server: X.org 1.19.3 driver: intel tty size: 200x56  Advanced Data: N/A out of X

Also did the renaming of the .pacnew file(s) as suggested by @sueridgepipe To no avail.

Any hint and help would be much appreciated. Not a Linux geek here, please count me as "noob".

Also, on a side note, the laptop will not even boot into a live CD of 17.1 giving me - after a long repetition of "FAILED" messages - a popup saying "Cannot sync dbus environment".

Hi everyone.

I have been using Manjaro since September. I haven't had any problems updating until a recent one.

I get stuck at "starting version" screen and able to log into TTY. Now I want to update the system, but running "sudo pacman -Syu" gets into errors of failing to update. Removing db.lck doesn't help. Does that mean that I can't connect to internet in TTY? How to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

hi guys finally i got my system back. I chroot ed and updated system now is well.
About why i can nt use ctrl+alt+f2 i remove manjaro Plymouth and i have ssd so i think that period which i should press keys passing so quick and it was not possible.
Anyway for the people who created this title problem was solved.

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If it is a problemwith internet connection, you can try to connect with nmtui from TTY.
Boot with a live USB, then run
manjaro-chroot -a
select the right root partition, then update the system.

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@MusicViking do you use cable intenet or wifi? if you are using wifi can you try to use

sudo wifi-menu

sudo: wifi-menu: command not found

iw dev

remember interface name for me it is wlp2s0

iwlist wlp2s0 scanning
iwconfig wlp2s0 essid ESSId(change here to your wifi id)
dhcpcd wlp2s0

Good to know, but do you agree that simply nmtui is easier?

Being able to log into tty is a good news!

Being beginner myself I can only guess what I would do. I would follow the steps that some other did that helped them, from announcement forum like @zimudec posted for example:

1- sudo pacman -Syy.
2- At the end, sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring.
3- At the end, sudo pacman-mirrors -g (Without this, the system does not find certain packages for the update).
4- At the end, sudo pacman -Syu.
5- At the end, reboot. It started perfectly.

But if you suspect you don't have internet connection, use solution that @eugen-b suggested.

If above doesn't work for you, it would be best to open new subject, describing your problem and also post what error you see when you type 'startx'

@AlManja @eugen-b @mozhan

Thank you for your help, guys! I couldn't make WiFi to work, but cable worked fine. I managed to update without a single problem.

It was my mistake after all. I left my laptop updating not having plugged it in. It entered the sleep mode leaving me with no way of coming back. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned.


I'm glad all is now working for you :slight_smile:

Instead of chrooting someone recommended me to add a 3 to the linux line in GRUB, this will get you in a working terminal!

I still have black screen problem even after fresh install from the latest 17.0.1 iso image.

I updated yesterday, manjaro-keyring and manjaro-system, pacman-mirrors were regenerated, then about 700 MB of updates including KDE/Plasma was installed. No errors during update, but after reboot only black screen, no sddm, no gui. I switched to tty2, tried pacman -Syyu or yaourt -Syyu but there was nothing to update. I tried some advices from this forum, reinstalling mhwd, mesa, lib32-mesa, nothing worked.

I installed manjaro from the latest 17.0.1 kde iso image (fresh install, formated / partition), it worked. Then I installed some additional packages, tweaked some settings and after reboot that black screen again. When I switch to tty2, log in and run htop I see sddm and xorg running, but there is no video, only black screen. I tried replace sddm with slim, it worked somehow, there was login screen visible, I was able to enter login and password bud then it failed to log me in and start KDE/Plasma. Screen turned black and then slim restarted. I also looked into journalctl and there was something about opengl but I really don't know what's the problem.

I have a dual boot with kubuntu 16.10 and it's working fine. I don't have enough free time to investigate this issue more. Have someone experienced this problem too? I suspect the cause of this can be in graphics drivers, mesa, libgl or something related to it. I have some old nvidia card (GT210/218) and binary drivers from the 340xx branch. But when I tried to remove them and switch to noveau the black screen remained. I'm out of ideas what should I try next.

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this sorted the problem in one of my machines, however in the HP Stream when I try to do the 2nd (or 3rd) command I just get a list of "failed retrieving file" / "failed to synchronise any database"... the bad thing is that the HP Stream connects only via wi-fi.
Now, what should I do?

You can try to connect to WiFi in TYY with nmtui.

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thanks, trying right now...

hooray, success! No need to install Windows10 for today :smiley:


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Just in case your dark screen came after an update process (and a single file was mentioned), this might work:

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