[SOLVED] Boot fails after recent update w/ libidn2 not found error


I am running a Manjaro XFCE system with kernel 4.19, and after installing the latest set of updates (about 150+ packages) today my system fails to boot...

What happens is that after the GRUB menu, the boot process would stop with several errors all saying that a file libiden2.so.0 can't be found. The errors also are prefixed either with systemd or udevadm.

A photo of the errors can be seen here.

Even though it dropped me into an "emergency shell", it was unresponsive to my keyboard inputs.

Any idea what's going on and how I can fix this? Thank you.


Please search the forum and read the latest update thread. This has been abswered like 100 times already today


Not to mention this:

and further down:


Thank you for the linked posts, they solved my problem.

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