[SOLVED] Broadcom Wifi BCM43142

yes connect using ethernet and fully update your system.
then you can try if using different kernel solves your wifi issue.

Ok I connected via an ethernet cable and ran the update command you supplied earlier. I'll get back to you of it works.

I finished the update and I'm still unable to connect to wifi.

I'm busy atm but I plan trying the solution posted in this thread sometime later today.

You are correct, that is exactly what I would say. Some people get that adapter working adequately in Manjaro, but not very many.

I would suggest following this guide to install the broadcom-wl-dkms driver:

Be sure to install both of the newest kernels along with the kernel headers and test your wifi on those kernels. The newer kernels have been working better for some Broadcom adapters, so maybe you'll get lucky.

After looking at your logs, I would also suggest disabling MAC Address Randomization if it is enabled.

Disable MAC Address Randomization in NetworkManager.

Enter this command in the terminal to automatically generate the required conf file:

echo -e "[device]\nwifi.scan-rand-mac-address=no" | sudo tee /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/disable-random-mac.conf

Reboot after creating that file.


To be quite frank I think that's unacceptable. As far as I can tell these cards a quite common in notebook laptops. I've never had any problems with them in Windows or Ubuntu. The only thing that's bad about them is that they have problems in Manjaro. Why would I buy an adapter if I can download Kubuntu and not have any problems? I hope I do get it working but if not I guess I'm switching back.

Which kernel would you suggest? I have 4.20, 5.0.7_rt5, and 5.0.7-1 I can upgrade to. Not including experimental of course.

I gave you the best possible advice that I could to get your adapter working. If I had your adapter to work on I might possibly be able to get it working in Manjaro. I however, would never buy a laptop with a Broadcom adapter in it, so that isn't likely to happen.

Ever since I installed my first Linux distro 15 or more years ago I've only purchased laptops with Atheros adapters as they support Linux and release their drivers openenly. Broadcom is the least Linux friendly of any of the wifi manufacturers. Ask anyone on any Linux forum which wifi adapter brand they'd recommend and Broadcom would never be on anyone's list.

If you do not wish to have WiFi issues on a laptop running Linux then buy a laptop with Linux friendly hardware. Broadcom is the furthest thing from being Linux friendly. I've responded to several different posts in the last week from users who have Broadcom adapters that have absolutely no driver support because Broadcom never released any Linux drivers. Does that sound like Linux friendly hardware to you?

Don't buy hardware that is known to have issues in Linux then complain that Manjaro is incompatible with your hardware. It's like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole and complaining that the peg is faulty.

Go back to Ubuntu if it works with your hardware. If you get tired of running that Broadcom adapter send it to me and I might possibly be able to get it working with the hardware installed to troubleshoot properly myself.

Hey your suggestion worked. Upgrading to the new linux 5.07 kernel didn't do much but turning mac address randomization off worked great. And whether you see this or not I met no malice toward you at all. Its not unheard of in the open source community for hardware companies to not offer proper support but I think as much effort as possible should be made to reverse engineer drivers so as much hardware as possible can be supported. If not to offer easier access for new linux users then at least to say a big f u to the companies. I'm marking this as solved.

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