[Solved] chromium password hidden / invisible

I run into a problem when a website changed its login-form and chromium no longer autofill the login and password. I need to get the pwd to be displayed in chrome to manually input the in the new form.

The passwords are saved but not displayed on chrome settings. I can save new login/pwd and have autofill running correctly (still no pwd displayed in settings).

Downgrading chromium doesn't solve the problem (latest manjaro build installed, system up to date).

I can see the Login Data (on linux i set the flag migrate-linux-to-logindb) file with encrypted password.

I think the problem is outside chromium because on lubuntu (on another device) chromium is displaying the passwords ok - with chromium pwd stored in plain text (basic mode): I can see the encrypted pwd in chromium if i export the manjaro Login Data file to lubuntu.

I'm using gnome keyring. I can sea chromium masterkey with seahorse.

cross posted the problem here : https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/8345477?hl=en

So: chromium should display saved passwords in the settings. In case there's no quick solution, is there a (linux) tool to decrypt chromium password knowing the masterkey and having the Login Data file ?

I've also noticed that in gnome-keyring i have 2 same chromium dummy-storage-control instances. I deleted one but nothing changed. Why are there 2 instead of 1 ?

Case closed : One of the chromium update changed the masterkey in gnome-keyring and after that, all old passwords are unrecoverable. Sad.

$ secret-tool search application chromium

label = Chromium Safe Storage
secret = autogenerated-masterkey
created = 2017-02-17 15:58:37
** modified = 2019-06-11 21:01:24 ** (the update)
schema = chrome_libsecret_os_crypt_password_v2
attribute.application = chromium

Can be reproduced by manually deleting (make a backup before) chromium entry in gnome-keyring and restart chromium.

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