[SOLVED] G_udev_is_device (device) failed gvfs-metadata

After latest upgrade, I am getting this spamming my logs when I use either nemo or nautilus to access files:

~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata directory has been cleared and rebooted with same issue arising.

gvfsd-metadata[2247]: g_udev_device_has_property: assertion 'G_UDEV_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed

PCMANFM does not cause this to happen it seems.

On github.com/GNOME/gvfs there is a new add which may be the cause?

metadata build: Apply a workaround for D-Bus code generation

leigh123linux commented 15 hours ago • 
Report it against your distro's gvfs package.
It doesn't happen here using gvfs-1.36.0 on Fedora 28

I can confirm the journalctl spamming (nemo alone under MATE). It looks like this issue:

which apparently "disappeared" by itself. It does sound like an issue with gvfs rather than nemo/nautlius, but perhaps they need a rebuild with the newer gvfs?

This supposedly is a fix. Would it be integrated in the foreseeable future?

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Looking at the tags it's probably in line for the 1.38 release.

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