[Solved] Getting a DS4 (PS4 controller) to work with bluetooth and games

I will try my best to keep this short and simple.

I've been trying to get my DS4 controller to work in manjaro to use with steam games and what not, I can get it to pair up with bluetooth and manjaro sees and connects fine after the pairing. But once I disconnect or the controller shuts off, it will no longer reconnect. I have to remove the device from bluetooth, then restart my PC. I still don't know if it will work with steam or other games yet. Help with this would be great. I've been searching for answers but so far have been unsuccessful in finding anything that was helpful.

I'm using Manjaro KDE 17.0.2
Kernel 4.12.2-1
motherboard = Gigabyte GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance

If more info is needed, just say so and I will try my best to provide.

Finally figured it out(I think), found this page here which helped out a lot(wish I found it sooner)
I needed to install some things, and at some point it showed me ds4drv, so I went there too and I downloaded and used the Development version.
I also found this

The problems I've been having with my bluetooth seemed similar to the problems in this topic, so it seems I also needed to blacklist my bluetooth in tlp, at least if I understood everything right, but now my bluetooth is behaving with my controllers much better now(so far at least, could also be just a coincidence and I'm just being stupid).
Maybe I could have done things better or more simply, perhaps I've done unnecessary things, I don't know, I'm still learning, but so far this seems to be another problem taken care of.

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That's why one should always mention hardware details. It is very likely that someone had same/similar problem earlier. Glad I was of some help to you.

It was a very big help, thank you. As far as more hardware details go, I've been having trouble finding specifics for my new hardware so far(new motherboard, I'm at least pretty sure the bluetooth/wi-fi is intel), I've messed with linux on and off here and there over the past few years, but this is the first time I've gone to linux 100% (I came from windows 7, I refuse to go windows 10, and windows 10/microsoft sucks, I refuse to go back and deal with their practices, but that's another long story, I'm sure many people have their long opinions/facts on). Its also the first time I have ever used arch linux. I'm loving it so far, I like tinkering and figuring things out, and there's certainly a lot to learn. Any way, Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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