SOLVED:How to get the full path in Manjaro's Terminal as Ubuntu's Terminal does?

sorry, i had made a stupid error in that command. fixing it in the post… done:

OLD_PS1=$PS1; PS1=${PS1/\W/\w}

and yes, my version above only shows the path relative to the home directory, so i must have misunderstood the original question. one gets the full absolute path with a PS1 like this:

PS1="[\u@\h $PWD]$"

and the command in the post above should be this:

OLD_PS1=$PS1; PS1=${PS1/\W/$PWD}

@ DeMus:

We helped you find the solution for that, the problem is solved so why leave?

That was a little bit premature on my site, I admit (mainly having been frustrated with Manjaros's handling of Thunderbird; yet solved this). So back on Manjaro, fresh install. As for the full pathname in the terminal, I keep "pwd"ing for the time beeing.

...find a distro which suits each and every need you might have.

Found these, many years ago, Debian and Ubuntu, and successfully using them ever since :slight_smile:
However, the "rolling thing" keeps me interested in Manjaro, and as you say, the "fun" overcoming obstacles, e.g. now, how to change this awful lot of black in Thunderbird and Firefox menus. No worries, I will work on this by myself - until I will need your help again, that is.

Thanks again to all for your comments!

Do yourself a favor and open dolphin, the file-manager.
Type ALT-. (at the same moment) to show hidden files and folders
Click on .bashrc to open it in kate (texteditor)
scroll down till you see 4 lines with PS1= .......
In every line change the W into a w
Save the file, reboot
From now on you will see the full path in your terminal.
DON'T change the lines in the same way as I have, ONLY change the W to w.

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Sample of doing as @DeMus suggests

~ >>> cd
~ >>> nano .bashrc
~ >>> bash
[fh@thinkstation ~]$ cd Data
[fh@thinkstation ~/Data]$ cd personal/
[fh@thinkstation ~/Data/personal]$ cd openbox-project/
[fh@thinkstation ~/Data/personal/openbox-project]$

Glad you're getting along. And can you edit your first post? That is a template.

That's magic, thank you :thumbsup:

It works now?
If so, then please mark my previous post as solved by clicking the small tickbox at the bottom right part of the post. That way others know that's the answer.

Now, enjoy Manjaro. And that's an order.

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