SOLVED Installing a SSD in Asus q503UA

I have an ASUS q503UA with a 500 gb HDD and I want to install a 250 gb SSD for to run Manjaro (and possibly load multiple distros). All that I have on the HDD now is the OS, I just bought the computer and haven't saved any data to the drive. Is it better to transfer the installed OS to the SSD (as recommended in the installation guide) or install the SSD in the laptop and do a fresh install?

Fresh install. Buy a cable and copy anything off the old drive you need.

Great! That's what I thought and I intentionally haven't saved anything to the HDD. Stupid question, will I need to download drivers or does the SDD work like a USB or external HD that I can install then just do a fresh OS install? Actually have never swapped a hard drive before!

It should work out of the box. Installation should be straight forward, try youtube for videos of asus strip downs.

Perfect! Thanks!

My clevo from pcspecialist (UK):

  • Undo one panel
  • Remove old drive
  • Put in new drive

Any recommendations on partitioning?

Do not have an ssd :frowning: (got a spare?) :smiley:

I have a 2tb spinner, so no idea really soz.

I only run Manjaro, linux is linux, Manjaro IMHO is the best, best community, best access to software, I see no logical reason to run multiple distros.

If I still worked in IT, I would run a stable server (Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu) in parallel but I don't.

The only difference in distros tends to be the package manager, so I would test other distros in a VM (and use the whole disk for manjaro).

Do you have a preferred filesystem?

No, not particularly. I am not in IT, this is more of a hobby for me. I played with Ubuntu a few years back but then migrated back to Mac. I swore off Mac about 6 months ago and went to linux as my primary OS. I've always used Ubuntu derivatives but I really want to branch out. I tried Suse but ran into a ton of issues. I have heard nothing but great things about Manjaro so that's why I am here. I agree, I have no real reason to dual boot or run more than 1 OS.

So no spare ssd :sob:

Preferred filesystem?

  • ext4 - rock solid, but boring...

  • btrfs - I use this, timeshift backups saved my bacon today :bacon:

But I have not researched ssd's much.

Perhaps somebody else?

No spare SSD, I have the HDD that I am replacing my plan was to install and use as a storage drive. I am not sure if there is a slot for an 2nd SSD, if there is I may install.

Does the Manjaro installer give you the option to use btrfs filesystem at installation?

Agreed. I have Schenker XMG (Clevo chassis). So simple to replace any component.

This wasn't too bad once I got the bottom off!

Funny you mention that, due to my impatience actually I broke my ethernet port getting the bottom chassis off. This happened back in 2016. Thankfully, I only use wireless internet on it.

I can definitely see how that isn't hard to do! Thankfully I was able to remove it and not destroy anything!

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