[SOLVED] KDE Desktop - how to get rid of the panel shadow

How can I remove the (ugly and a bit blurred) panel shadow on the Manjaro KDE desktop?

please use the forum search :wink:

Yes, it look like I have take a 1 month classes to get rid of a small shadow :wink:
I looked it but is it also about panel shadow? Or only about panel transparency? Or both?

The panel shadow, if present, is part of the design of the Plasma theme you've got installed. If you don't like the shadow, then there are two ways to get rid of it...:

  • Install a Plasma theme without shadows from store.kde.org ─ there are many available; or
  • Disable the compositor.

The latter does of course also get rid of all other desktop effects, including the drop shadows behind individual windows and the translucency.

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Thx! I will try with copositor to see the effect.

Or 3. : I will edit the "panel-background.svgz" file in my theme in ~/.local...? Correct? These are 3in1 icons. I understand that I have to make it transparent. How to do this? To replace the whole icon with a transparent 1x1 pixel?

I'm afraid that's above my pay grade, but I would imagine that you have to add an alpha channel to be able to make it translucent. :thinking:

But why not use the Oxygen Plasma theme that's already installed? It doesn't have any shadow and it's semi-translucent ─ somewhat like black glass. Or just fetch a Plasma theme to your liking from store.kde.org. There are plenty of Plasma themes, application themes, wallpapers and window decorations to choose from, and you can install them straight from within the pertinent sections of the System Settings.

Just open it in inkscape and select the object and make it fully transparent, or even remove it.

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I guess people are just going to ignore what I wrote every time this question is asked.. so I will point it out again:

Again. Just open the file and remove the shadow in inkscape. you dont need extra menus or xml or anything ... just open and edit.

[protip - to select multiple objects at once hold down Ctrl+Shift while clicking]

Heres an example of making them invisible:



But you could also delete them.

If you really wanted to you could even open it in a text editor and change every id:shadow* from fill-opacity:1 to fill-opacity:0


Guys, your are really great! That much and fast help. Fuc... Great! :+1::+1::+1:

Meanwhile I discovered these 1000 possibilities / combinations of themes, plasma and icons. I must play with this around and find a fitting combination. But I have a question.

I am trying to achieve a Ultimate–Maia (this theme is only for gnome) look, and this has square windows edges. All of the KDE have not quite square window edges. Is this possible to get it on KDE?

Yes, it is, and themes like that do exist. You'll just have to wade through them all to find one to your liking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint: Use a web browser to look at the themes. It'll be much clearer than the tiny previews you get in the settings applet. :wink:

Thx, I have just downloaded plenty of them, but - you do not belive - cannot found what I look for something having these 3 features at the same time:

  • Fully square windows with black title bar
  • Windows without borders
  • White (light) windows content)

This a kind of "Numix" but with fully square windows.
How to achive this result? Or better I have the gnome thema "Ultimate-Maia-Orange". I see some options to install GTK3 themes. Maybe it is possible to install it in KDE Manjaro?

  • I don't know about the square windows. That will be something that exclusively depends on the chosen window decoration ─ look at the Dekorator section of the themes site.

  • Having windows without borders is a function of both the window manager and the chosen window decoration. The developer of the window decoration can specify a certain set of border sizes, but the border size can normally also be selected (from the options provided by the window decoration itself) at the bottom of the System Settings section for the window decorations, and it does offer the option of having no borders.

  • The color of the window contents is determined by the Colors section in the System Settings. There are many color themes you can choose from, and you can either modify one to your liking or create your own from scratch.

I'm afraid that native GTK3/GNOME themes are not compatible with Plasma, although there will be Plasma themes based upon the look of certain GTK3/GNOME themes, and you can of course install those.

Lastly, there is also the Kvantum theme manager, which uses scalable vector graphics, but its configuration is somewhat different. You would then select "kvantum" for the application theme in the System Settings, and then you would use the Kvantum Theme Manager as a separate utility to select an already downloaded Kvantum theme. If you don't have Kvantum installed, it's in the repositories, along with several Manjaro-specific Kvantum themes.

Kvantum themes are distinct from other themes, and they can be found under a dedicated section at the themes website. Many of them are skeuomorphic themes, but there are also Material Design and other flat themes in that section, with or without shadows.

Guys, I have just notices that there are about 1 Million possible combinations of windows, colors, and so on. This is unbelievable. I go a step back and start experimenting. This is an overkill for every user ;-).

Welcome to KDE Plasma, the most customizable of all desktop environments. :slight_smile:

If this is what you are looking for its just the standard dark theme, in settings some-ware you can "turn shadows off".
Please don't ask where but it took me about 5 mins to find I think its in the theme settings


Thats for certain themes, like breeze and I think it only effects the window manager.

No its the Artix dark theme Noux Knows how to theme correctly. But all the default themes and apps are the same with shadows turned off that is one of the reasons for my dislike of plasma, now i know I can turn the blur shadows off plasma makes sense. AS it does not hurt the eyes well my eyes.
But then I also know you will disagree with me as per usual. :rofl: Lol
Even FF is blur free, and tear free and not got around to installing non free drivers. I keep saying all this tearing blaa blaa is a Manjaro problem

I spent 2 hours to get this. Try to copy ;-). The panel and windows bars are not quite dark:


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