[solved] [KDE Stable] Batch resize pictures not working, DigiKam, Gwenview, Gthumb

Using Manjaro KDE. I am trying to resize a couple of hundred pictures with DigiKam using Batch Queue Manager. This however, does not go smoothly. I end up with a lot of broken newly generated images. Batch log:

12:55:20 :: Item "DSC04355.JPG" from queue "#1": Item processed successfully (renamed to DSC04355_1.JPG) 12:55:20 :: Item "DSC04356.JPG" from queue "#1": Processing... 12:55:21 :: Item "DSC04356.JPG" from queue "#1": Failed to process item...

I have got kipi-plugins and libkipi installed from the extra repo. In Gwenview the resize option is greyed out when I select multiple image files, and gThumb crashes on me when I try to use it to resize.

Any ideas?

This must either be a rare problem, or no-one resizes their images?

Hello there,

Maybe a better solution is the kim4 as KDE service menu for Dolphin.
You find it in the community packages, and has some great features.
Hope it helps!

Great alternative!
Turns out the .JPG files were terribly corrupted after a copy-paste procedure from a mac onto a USB key. So this can be closed..

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