[SOLVED]Keyboard keys repeating indefinitely

Hi everyone,
So i am having problem after the latest update that a keyboard key namely 'f' is repeating indefinitely on random. Because of this my mousepad gets disabled due to the palm detection feature (i think i am not sure) this make the laptop totally unusable plz see if anybody can help

Thank you :slight_smile:

And also one more thing happens is that it stops the f key does not work any more

Sounds like a mechanical failure.

Take the keycap off and clean it if that is possible on your laptop.

No tried that and also after posting this tried running pop os and keyboard just works fine their i think its something software related

Then let's get to it.


So here is an update i tried to look for error using journalctl and dmesg but i couldn't understand anything and my laptop was continuously throwing 'f' at random and my mousepad wasn't working so since i have luckily installed timeshift i restore the system before the update and after that i re-updated the system and hooray it has finally stopped i haven't encountered it ever since.

but i still don't know what caused it in the first place may be something wrong happened during the update i don't know.so if anyone can tell what caused it i would love to know it to prevent this situation in the future

so thanks @korealinux for suggestions i really appreciate that :smile:

Hooray for timeshift! But that is still very strange.

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Yes indeed

Probably solved both problems with the single command - pacman -Syyuu

Is that correct??? Anyway glad you got it solved.

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