[Solved] Keyboard not responding in GRUB

I recently changed my GPU to RTX 2060 and ever since the keyboard does not respond at all while I'm in the grub menu.
I looked around and found Legacy USB Support in the BIOS may have something to do with it, I changed it in the BIOS from Enabled to Auto which temporarily solved the problem but after another restart the problem has returned.

I have observed such behavior on my somewhat older PC when the keyboard is connected to a "wrong" USB port. Please try a different USB port.

Tried them all. I'm not sure where the problem might be.
I assume it's related to the BIOS since the keyboard doesn't turn at all during post. I have tried restoring it to the default settings, it works for one session, and than the problem returns.
It was working before. So weird.

Just tried the oldest trick in the book of resetting the BIOS (used the jumper on the motherboard) but that did not help either.

From the other topic you opened, it seems you also have:

That means the iGPU is enabled in BIOS and actually you don't need it. Disable it. Look for USB Keyboard Legacy support and enable it, save the BIOS settings and start the system, then reboot and test again the keyboard in GRUB menu.

I just noticed this too. This is from the BIOS reset I did. It enabled Intel GPU, I've tried entering the BIOS to disable it but the keyboard does not respond during POST at all. :unamused:

It is quite possible that when you changed the GPU somehow the BIOS also reset, making the Keyboard fail. Now you will need to find another way to enter BIOS, maybe a PS/2 keyboard, and look again over the settings.

Can't believe that old keyboard is still working.
Anyway, I disabled the Intel GPU, and double checked Legacy USB support is enabled in the BIOS. That only temporarily solves my problem though because after one restart the problem still exists.

Something is resetting the BIOS or next reboot, when you enter to it, is keeping all the options you saved initially ?

Indeed it does. All the options and settings I entered are saved.

Do you have some option like Fast Boot in BIOS? Disable it ... CSM ... or something to enable or disable.

Edit for typo and a small addition.

It's disabled.

Apparently there is this very cool command to check the BIOS settings via the terminal.

Next stop is trying to upgrade the BIOS, I guess.

After upgrading the BIOS through FreeDOS I can finally say I have no freaking clue what's going on.
I'll just hide the grub menu in the mean time. If anyone knows what's going on please comment. Thank you for all the help @bogdancovaciu

Finally managed to solve the issue. If anyone reads this in the future and faces the same problem, this is what worked for me:

Enter the BIOS, change XHCI mode from Auto or Enabled to Manual.
Enable XHCI Pre-Boot Driver
Route all USB 2.0 pins to EHCI

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