[SOLVED] KMail (or Akonadi) keeps on eating my emails and mail folders

As the thread title says, for some bizarre reason, KMail keeps on periodically annihilating all of my mail folders, and all emails in them ─ read or unread. I have to painstakingly recreate the folders all over again and set them up one by one with the appropriate options. I happens every time I manually check for email, or when I restart it (because it has gone offline for no reason), and at times it'll also do that all by itself when a new email arrives.

I have seen this happen before once or twice in other distributions, but never this bad. It happens almost every day. It will also periodically take itself offline for no reason ─ which means that I'm not receiving any new emails anymore, even though my computer is running 24/7 and I have KMail open all the time ─ and it also has a mind of its own when you try manually ordering the mail folders. It even goes so far in this that it decides to rename the folders back to their earlier name if you had renamed them in the meantime.

This is really bizarre. I'm thinking about taking my computer to an exorcist :frowning_face:

Sorry for not having followed up on this, but I seem to have been able to remedy the situation ─ at least for now (he says, as he knocks on wood) ─ by removing all Akonadi- and mail-related files from my home directory and starting afresh.

The problem was obviously caused by corruption of the MySQL database behind Akonadi and KMail2, and I am apparently also not the only one to have run into this situation. I still don't get why the kdepim developers found it necessary to trust the storage of something as simple as email to a database management engine, but alas, that's the way it is. :frowning:

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