[SOLVED] Kwin desktop zoom stopped working

I used the zoom function in kwin for a long time, but today suddenly it stopped working. When I push the buttons 'meta + =' the desktop is not magnified. It did not solve problem to change the shortcut to something like 'meta + z'.

What I did before seeing this issue are the followings.
I used yaourt in a tty session (I entered the session using Ctrl + Alt + F2). Here I reinstalled matplotlib, numpy, spicy using pip. Also I changed yaourt's build directory from /tmp to /home/$USER/tmp in order to install a large package(kicad-packages3d).

After playing in the tty session and rebooting I found my KDE desktop effect disappeared. Where could I start from in order to resolve this issue?

It would be nice if you could provide a little bit more info, see this post
as a reference :slight_smile:

Check the pacman log for something related. I don't know if yaourt has its own logs.

Just a few ideas:
Open your KDE settings and go to Desktop Behavior ==> Desktop Effect ==> Zoom. Is it still on?
Then go to Display and Monitor ==> Compositor ==> Enable compositor on startup. Is it still on?


Thank you! OpenGL was disabled. When I opened the composer setting window, a message appeared asking that if I want to enable OpenGL. I enabled it and now the zoom function came back.

Great to hear that. Now mark your own post (the last one) as the one with the winning answer so others can benefit from it.

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