[SOLVED] Libre Office Writer can't start after last system update

I have manjaro OpenRC.

I updated my system and then Libre Office Writer can't start.
Other office programs start with no problems.
I reinstal Office with libreoffice-fresh-5.3.4-1, but problem is not solved.

Many people have had this issue. Disabling JRE solves it. See here:

Thanks. I didn't find this topic. Solved!

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Tangentially ...

I too am running OpenRC and libreoffice-fresh-5.3.4-1, and knew (but had forgotten about) the disabling Java trick. LO Writer was working for me, over the past few months, but oftentimes it would open with a broken window stretching past the top of the desktop.

Unchecking JRE appears to have fixed this bug as well.

Thanks so much! I'm not a Linux expert in any way, and after trying several kernel versions the same problem persisted. Disabling JRE did it for me. Now I can finish setting up a client's system who wants to try Linux - not good if the Word Processor sulks and disappears, even when Writer is started from opening her own docx files.

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Its' a pity I don't understand how to make it... Where or when should I turn the (alt F12 ) Options to proceeed with the JRE unchecking? Please explain for me, a simple user.

I believe only LibreOffice Writer crashes, right? Try starting LibreOffice Calc and going to Options (Alt-F12), under Advanced, to disable JRE.

  1. Open LibreOffice
  2. Press ALT+F12 or go to Tools, Options... via the menu.
  3. Go to LibreOffice->Advanced, and untick 'Use a Java runtime environment'

The original instructions are pretty clear, but hopefully these are unambiguous.

Thankyou Both. But now even any of the LibreOffice segements doesn't open. No Calc, no Draw either...

You mean they don't open before you disabled JRE, or after you did that?

Yes. But now I've removed/reinstalled the whole LO once, twice, plus octopi washed the cash and I have Calc fired up. JRE unchecked, and LO Writer jetted on screen.
So, thankyou friends.

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