[SOLVED] Libreadline.so.6 error while trying to chroot

I'm on my main system that was killed by the infamous libreadline 6 update. There was no solution at the time (november 2016) so i just left the system for a while.

So now i' m trying to fix it with a Manjaro 17.0 live usb. Followed this guide:

With mhwd-chroot it just flashes and dissapears. When i use manjaro-chroot i get this:

[manjaro@manjaro ~]$ sudo manjaro-chroot /mnt/ /bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

FFFFF.... (<-- How i feel about libreadline)
Now what?

Done, but still the same error.
Also there was a link there to begin with, is that a problem?

This fixed it:

pacman -r /mnt -S bash

Then execute:

pacman -r /mnt -S readline
pacman -r /mnt -S ncurses

Now i'm able to chroot.

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