[SOLVED] Lock on suspend not working in cinnamon 17.0.2

Hi everyone,

I did a fresh install of cinnamon 17.0.2 and system update immediately afterwards yesterday and noticed that there is no lock screen after I close the lid (the laptop suspends) and re-open it. It gets directly back to session without asking for password.

Manual launching of the screensaver (by clicking on lock screen button at start menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+L) works alright.

Auto-launching of the screensaver (by leaving inactive for some time) works OK.

I found similar problem being reported and answered here: Cinnamon Version. In the github issue @oberon linked to, he explained his patch

I think I got it now: cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper is actually placed in the wrong path. It's not supposed to end up in subdir /usr/lib/cinnamon-screensaver/cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper but in /usr/lib directly

I made a soft link from /usr/lib/cinnamon-screensaver/cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper to /usr/lib/cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper and rebooted, that didn't solve the problem though.

And in this post (Lock screen not working on Manjaro Cinnamon) the solution is to install python--setproctitle, which appears to be pre-installed with the distro already.

Some specs:
Machine: Dell inspiron 15-7560
OS: Manjaro cinnamon 17.0.2
Kernel: 4.9.39-1-Manjaro
GPU: GeForce 940MX
Graphics driver: video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee
cinnamon-screensaver version: 3.4.1-2 community

Please help.

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This is a different problem, apparently about which action exactly is triggered (or not) by the lid close.
The old issue was about the screenlock not working at all.
I'm not near my cinnamon install these days, maybe someone else can help with how to configure your lid-close correctly...

The Screensaver allows you to lock the computer when it goes to sleep, is this any help?

Yes, so?

Can you set it to sleep when you close the lid? Don't have a laptop so don't know!

@robinw0800 Yes that's what I'm doing right now, I could just put it to sleep before closing the lid so not a real deal-breaker. Just thought there should be some minor glitch that prevents the system from doing this for the user.

I'm not making this up, aren't I? It should just lock the system and suspend, or suspend and lock before waking up, either way. I kind of can't rembmer did I have this issue before the re-install.

I've been using Cinnamon for a long time and I don't know of any other way that suspend/lock works or should work than using the Screensaver settings tab.


Works for me, but if there is another way, I'd love to know too :slight_smile:


@muvvenby Silly me, I overlooked this section and now it works perfectly. Thanks for reminding me.

False alarm everyone, cinnamon Manjaro is still golden!

Can't believe I fell for this one too lol
Thanks a bunch for the tip!

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