Solved [LXQT] Can't add application icons to desktop or quicklaunch widget

Right-clicking doesn't work (it just opens the app) and dragging doesn't work either (they appear to be un-draggable). What is the correct way to do this?

As the functionality is not part of Lxqt - I don't think there is one correct way of doing it.

One option is to copy the appropriate launcher from /usr/share/applications but as Lxqt uses PCManFM you have a second option

  1. Open the file manager
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Navigate to the launcher you want on the desktop
  4. Drag it to the desktop and and select Copy here from the confirmation dialog
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Okay, this works for the desktop but not for the quicklaunch.

EDIT: Nevermind. The usr/share/application icons work for the quicklaunch. :grin:


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