[SOLVED] Manjaro Deepin installation, partitions step

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N.B : I'm totally new with Manjaro (and generally Linux)

After booting with my live USB Manjaro Deepin 18.0.2 stable, I'm launching the installer in order to create a dual-boot with my daily OS (Solus 4.0). However the step "Partitions" offers me only one option which is "Manual" (With Manjaro Gnome, the installer offers the 3 common options) . The problem is that I'm not used to manually creating partitions and I'm scared of doing something wrong.
Therefore I would like to know if there is a more recent stable ISO of Manjaro Deepin exists (or is scheduled to be released in a few days) in which my "bug ?" is resolved and to avoid trying a manual installation.
If not, I will certainly try a manual installation so if you have a great link that explains correctly the subject, I'm a taker !

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Hi and welcome.
Truthfully I cannot give you advice on how to do what you are asking, because I have never done this myself. I think you would need to resize the existing Solus partitions to create an empty partition to install Manjaro. However, I am sure you would run the risk of losing or corrupting data if you do that so backing up before you take such action is always advised.
Personally when it comes to dual booting I prefer a separate hard drive for each OS since I find this much more manageable. In the event that I do not have or cannot obtain a drive I still prefer running the secondary OS in a virtual machine on the primary OS before even considering dual booting both from a single drive. In the past I did have dual boot systems on a single drive, but it gave me more hassle than it was worth to me.

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A wild link appears....


The only catch is you'll be on Testing. You can change back to Stable with this:
sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch stable. Pacman will nag you but it's fine.



The Deepin edition has been halted for an indefinite time because there have been too many regressions recently with it and it has become really troublesome to maintain.

Updates for Deepin are still provided for people who already had Manjaro Deepin, or for people who used Manjaro Architect (I think the profile is still available), but there is no new ISOs planned for now.

@oberon Why the ISOs has not been removed from the website and archived on OSDN yet? It should have been done a long time ago. It is even worse now since the website give access to a rotten ISO from ages ago.


Thank you for your answers everyone.

@Frog So you advice to not install Manjaro Deepin at the moment because it's too unstable for a newbie. I keep that in mind, maybe I'll be waiting a few months to see what happens.

@Sinister I've seen another ISO, Manjaro 18.1 Unstable, do you think it's better to use the "older" testing version ? Moreover, I would like a precision : with your command, I'm going to get back from testing to stable, no matter I've installed the Testing version at first. Is there a risk to have a kind of package corruption ?

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Because they are here...


Correct. You'll get notifications from pacman/pamac, etc... that your files are newer than the ones it offers. It'll be fine, the files will sync as updates move through the process Unstable -> Testing -> Stable.
Usually a couple/few weeks. I've done this a few times with my systems and never had an issue other than the previously mentioned pacman nag.

RE: Deepin
It's a mess. Yes, it's a lovely DE, it really is. But it's a disaster on the backend.
To be blunt, expect problems... frequently.
Until they get this supposed unified library done. It's going to stay that way for a while.
It's why it's gone into a holding pattern with the Manjaro devs.

@keybreak can regale you with their adventures with Deepin. :upside_down_face:


Well and @ant :rofl:


Yes. I totally forgot! DUH!
Thanks @anon20763909

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Check the date.

Manjaro Deepin 18.1.0-pre1 ISO (unstable branch) - May 27th, 2019.

'For the time being however I think we should not really provide and advertise a Manjaro-Deepin edition as such as it seems too difficult to predict possible breakages and I think we should definitely avoid reviews of the kind "I installed this Manjaro edition and it broke on the first update ..."' - June 9th, 2019.

And since the post above, there have been no ISO images released. See OSDN: https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro-community/storage/deepin/

It is considered too unstable for anyone for now, newbie or not.

I would indeed recommend to use a different edition than Deepin for now. For me, it wouldn't be reasonable to suggest it if even the maintainer considers it not good enough for public, general use.

I have removed Deepin from the download page for now.
Will experiment again more with once official 18.1 release is through ...
Then we shall see ... :sunglasses:


As far as I can gather, the problem with deepin is not that they wont fix bugs or add new features etc
the fact is they can't, they lack the developers to fix certain bugs add features, this was openly admitted after my last rant over at the developer center.

So unless they get some more knowledgeable developers nothings going to change, that's the reason you see the same bugs, errors etc.

Its got the looks, just don't click on anything. Its a shame really, as deepin could be the best DE for Linux, ever.

Any developers reading this, please go help them out and make it a reality :wink:

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Actually since they went kwin route they chopped the looks quite heavy (something bugs, something undone). So it's not necessarily truth now and for the future if they keep up...

Absolutely! :cowboy_hat_face:
Deepin devs are waiting for any help and pull-requests

well deepin-kwin is not official in arch yet, its still using deepin-wm, that's why I said, don't click on anything :rofl:

But your right, as you know, I have tested deepin-kwin on arch and its not the same as it is under deepin-wm and it won't be unless they get the developers to make that happen, that's probably why deepin-kwin is not the default at the moment.

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So I'll skip my turn for Manjaro Deepin... This topic is "solved" in a certain way.
Thank you everyone for your answers !

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