SOLVED:Manjaro Gnome 3.28.2: how to make Trash Can visible in Favorites or Desktop?

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I am using Manjaro 17 Gnome 3.28.2 and would like to see the Trash Can not only in "Files" but also in "Favorites" or on the Desktop. How can I do that, please?

Thanks, manjacub

P.S. I do not know how to correct my spelling error in the subject line. It should be "3.28.2".

Look for a shell extension(s) for one for the desktop. For the others, I dunno.


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Read this to get some context to @c00ter's post above:

OK, perhaps the above link is to a pretty heated discussion.

Try this:

Thanks, I had read this before. But how about putting the Trash icon into Favorites?

I mean, it is easy to put an App into Favorites, just start an App and "add to favorites".

Why not with the trash can?

No idea. Have you searched for a gnome shell extension that does that?

In terminal, try
gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop trash-icon-visible true

No shell extension for that and

$ gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop trash-icon-visible true

No such schema “org.gnome.nautilus.desktop”

Have you tried a google search for "gnome trash can extension"?

Some things pop up that might help.

Yes, seems to be impossible right now with this new Gnome version. I test installed now Manjaro KDE, there is a Trash folder on the Desktop :slight_smile: This was not the only reason I installed KDE, just curious about it.

Just curious why not tried nautilus-legacy is the same is shipped with ubuntu :laughing:


Hi, here is the quick and dirty way :slightly_smiling_face:

-In your home directory open /.local/share/applications/
-Right click in this folder and create a empty desktop file
-Open this file with gedit and paste this content:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=open trash
Exec=nautilus trash:///

-Rename the file to trash.desktop
-Restart the GNOME shell with Alt+F2+r
-Type trash in the search and pin it to your Dock.

Enjoy :wink:


It does not work :sob:

-Type trash in the search

This works, Trash Can opens with full functionality

...and pin it to your Dock

How? It does not appear in the Favorites when open (like other programs I start)

P.S. I am back on Manjaro 17 Gnome 3.28.2. What is your version?

Search it, right click on it, add it to Favorites

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It looks completely different with my system:
What could be the problem?

Not much of a problem, but you are using the Menu, while i was using the Dash (Show Applications)

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Sorry, I am a Manjaro newbie and do not understand what you mean. I now the Dash from Ubuntuversions prior to 18.04, and could do Dash searches to my heart's extent. But my Manjaro Gnome Desktop has only the Favorites tool bar as seen here:
Please direct me to Manjara Gnome's Dash, thank you!

Your lower left corner, the icon with 9 dots ... :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much :thumbsup:
Now I have a beautiful and working Trashcan in my Favorites :slight_smile:

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