SOLVED:Manjaro Gnome: Safe to rename "/usr/share/themes/" to get pleasing menus?

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my system is Manjaro 17.1.10 Gnome 3.28.2. I hate the default deoressing (for me, that is) black coloring of menus and folders, e.g. FilesThemesActive
All that black! Since I agree with Monty Python's

"And always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the light side of life"

I brutally tinkered around and found this solution:
i.e., I renamed* /usr/share/themes/ to /usr/share/BKthemes/ and had this pleasing (for me, that is) solution. However, being a manjaro cub, um, newbie, I am not sure whether I can leave it like that.

Is it safe to leave themes out?

P.S. * I was too timid to put it into Trash.

First of, you shouldn't mess with any of the system files. That includes what is in /usr/share, if you don't know how it works and what are the consequences, especially if there is an update to the themes.
The solution you find ... you can change the themes from Tweaks and use the Adwaita (default).
As a side note, the Adapta-Nokto (the one you call black) has the darkest shade of green plus some blue, that is around 75%, hence black is a misnomer.

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No, it's not safe. And you should revert the naming of the folder back to what it was.

Most Linux systems make it very easy to change themes through a graphical settings menu, and in the case of the Gnome desktop environment, you just need to find (as stated above) the Tweaks tool. IIRC, the themes setting is under the Appearance tab, and then Theme => "GTK+" (or "Applications" in place of "gtk+").

Click on the dropdown menu and choose the theme you want. Adapta Nokto is a dark theme but there is also Adapta, which is the light version of that.

Your "solution" in renaming the folder merely caused the system to fail to find the themes folder (where it's supposed to find the Adapta Nokto theme that was set, as well as other themes installed system-wide) and thus fall back to the default Adwaita theme as a last resort.

Thank you, tweaks Adwaita (default) makes me happy :thumbsup:

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