[SOLVED] Manjaro only boots with kernel "fallback initramfs"

Quick Info: I'm new to Manjaro. Running a triple-boot machine with Win 10, Linux Mint, and Manjaro on a 2TB drive. Have an older version of Mint on another drive that I plan to remove so I can use that space for backup storage. Both the new Mint and Manjaro distros were installed last week.

A day or so ago, I booted into my old Mint OS to retrieve a file I had neglected to carry over to Manjaro. I don't know why, but I decided to run the backlog of updates it had waiting. Chalk it up to habit I guess.

Anyway, after running the update, I rebooted and the grub had changed back to the Mint version (it had shown the Manjaro grub ever since the install). Now whenever I try to boot Manjaro normally, I only get a black screen. I have to go into Advanced Options and boot from the kernel labelled "fallback initramfs." Thankfully, that one does boot, although it takes a bit longer than it did before.

I'm guessing that the inability to boot regularly and the change in grub interface isn't a coincidence. There was probably a grub update in that Mint backlog. I'm wondering if removing the OS will solve the problem, but I wanted to get some second opinions.

Update grub while in Manjaro ... maybe you even have to reinstall it before that, with the proper path.

If your systems are installed in UEFI mode, go into your firmware/bios settings, find your way to boot devices (or some such) and move Manjaro to the top of the list, save the settings and reboot.

Manjaro grub doesn't play nice with other grubs. Happened to me when I installed endeavour on an external drive. Updating grub while in manjaro should fix it

Manjaro grub doesn't play nice with other grubs.

That is actually the other way around. Other os's Grub, except MX Linux (maybe there are more I am not aware of), can not boot Manjaro. Manjaro's Grub can boot other distros.

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Thank you to everyone for your input. The problem has been fixed. Much appreciated!

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It might be the case that you would need repeat the same procedure again when there are updates to Mint's grub. Just put Manjaro's back in charge and run a sudo update-grub from within Manjaro.

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