[SOLVED] Manjaro self-rebooted during/after update and cannot boot anymore

I made a foolish decision today to update my system during working hours that resulted in unusable machine and me leaving home to fix this issue. I started a system update as usual via yaourt -Syua and left for the 1.30h meeting. After coming back from the meeting I found my laptop in "trying-to-shutdown-mode": black screen with the only console message that it was trying to finish some "job". I had to manually reset it since my colleagues told me it has been like that for a while. After shutting it down, entering password to decrypt my hard drive I was greeted with the following message:

Warning: /lib/modules/4.14.85-1-MANJARO/modules.devname not found - ignoring
mount: /openswap_keymount: no filesystem type specified.
Device /dev/disk/by-uuid/??? doesn't exist or access denied.
umount: can't unmount openswap_keymount: Invalid argument
ERROR: resume: hibernation device '/dev/mapper/luks-???' not found
ERROR: device '/dev/mapper/luks-???' not found. Skipping fsck.
mount: /new_root: no filesystem type specified.
You are now being dropped into an emergency shell.
sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
[rootfs ]#

Since it has never happened to me before I am using the following guide here: How to save your Manjaro installation when it breaks

I created and booted into live usb, ran lsblkto see that my root parition is dev/sda2. However, when I try to mount it via sudo mount /dev/mapper/cryptodisk /mnt I am getting:

mount: /mnt unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'

This is because my SSD is encrypted as required by our company regulations. So, I checked the following page: Issues mounting in order to chroot into encrypted partition

I successfully used sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 cryptdisk. Then I attempted to mount sudo mount /dev/mapper/cryptdisk /mnt only to see:

mount: /mnt: unknown filesystem type 'swap'

Ok, this is a swap partition, so I should mount sda1. After mounting sda1 to /mnt/cryptdisk_sda1, I used manjaro-chroot /mnt/cryptdisk_sda1 which allowed me to get into chrooted environment and fix the system by restarting the upgrade, updating grub and redownloading the linux kernel so it would trigger the mkinitpio. Then I rebooted and now the machine is working again! Fuh

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