[SOLVED] Mounting MTP Android Phone

Hey all,

I try to connect my phone to my laptop, installed is Manjaro OpenRC x64, latest updates.
I have installed the following packages and so far no success to connect with the phone:
mtpfs, gvfs-mtp, jmtpfs, libmtp, simple-mtpfs. When I use android-file-transfer to connect, I receive the error: No MTP device found. When using gmtp, the error is: “Detect: Unable to open raw device?”
With Thunar the same: Unable to open MTP device.
When I use the terminal, the mounting works without error, but the folder is just empty.
I looked a lot for resolutions, but most of them don’t apply for the Manjaro OpenRC Version.
Does anyone have a solution for that? Or is there a kind of “Android Browser” for Manjaro OpenRC?
Thanks a lot

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i either

a: set the phone to use mass storage, which will mount it like any usb sotrage device, or

b: use the remote manager in es file explorer to make the phone an ftp server within my lan and ftp to it from my desktop.

Maybe this might be helpful?


Thanks for your answers,

I’ll setup a SSH server on the phone. Not the best solution, but MTP seems to be a
pain in the a… :slight_smile:

mtp works with mine - but I have to enable developer options or set the phone to accept it first as far as I remember.

I installed SSH server on my phone and its working OK. But for browsing pictures and
files, it’s not really comfortable.
So I just tested @cimarronline solution.
I added my username to the adbusers group (android-udev is installed), restarted the
laptop with the phone connected. When fully started, disconnect and
re-connect device to the laptop and it's working!
Thanks a lot for that :slight_smile:

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Yes and thank you all, the solution via @cimmaronline is working here too.

For those like me who didn't instantly know how to add a username to a group, the hint is that you'll be using usermod: figured that out from here.

The solution also makes it possible for me to finally again mount up my non-Android (Nikon) non-phone (just a camera), with a few caveats.

In this case I have to make sure the camera is both plugged in, and turned on, before rebooting--and it doesn't remember the camera after the first time like it does with the phone--the reboot with it in/on has to happen each time for it to be recognized. If you "boot into the camera", and then unplug it and plug it back in, still no love.

There's probably a solution there, too, but officially speaking I am not hijacking a solved thread to ask for one. :innocent: Honestly I can live with the inconvenience, now that I know what to do.


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