[SOLVED] My wlp2s0 device is missing

I use i3, and wpa_supplicant is the wifi manager.

I was installing VirtualBox, and ended up upgrading the system from late-November to 18.0.2 with pacman - Syu.

After rebooting to enable virtualization support, the wifi device was undetected when running ip addr show.

Has anybody seen this or know of a way to fix?

/etc/NetworkManager/Network Manager.conf and all files in that path are unchanged since my install.

I also installed linux414-virtualbox-host, and suspected that could have something to do with it. I've since disabled virtualization and also removed that 414 package, but neither fixed the issue even when rebooting in between the revertions.

The system was functioning optimally after upgrading, it was only after letting it sit for a while and ultimately rebooting to enable virtualization that I discovered the wifi device failed to come up after reboot.

Any help is a big thanks.

Also the documentation around VirtualBox and posts are horribly obsolete.. Does anybody have a better alternative to vbox to run VMs on my manjaro build?

For virtualbox, have you tried here

This should be in separate posts, but without inxi -Fxz we can't know what wifi model is in your system ...


You have not provided any HW specs so I am going to have to speculate. It's possible this is a virtualisation issue, but as you never mentioned if you had this working on a Manjaro install on bare metal, we may never really know.

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you were running behind on your updates and have an Atheros qca9377 adapter. If that is the case, your wifi broke because of a firmware problem that happened in Dec 2018.

If you own a qca9377 adapter you must downgrade your firmware to version 5 (if on kernel 4.14), or you must upgrade to k 4.19 and use the v.6 firmware.

I generally don't involve myself in virtualisation issues, as I consider that a fools game. My opinion is that if it didn't happen on bare metal, then it never happened. :wink:

Good luck figuring out your issue.


Sorry I posted from my phone, and am now free to reply after working all day.

I've been running manjaro i3 on this lenovo 330 for the past year without any issues.

I was installing virtualbox on the laptop to host VMs. The wifi issue is happening on the host machine (the lenovo laptop).

I'll update this post momentarily with the relevant inxi output.

I too am not a fan of VMs, but needed a spot to test an iso. Lesson learned, I'll invest in a test bench. Lol

@tbg wild guess and exactly right. You shouldn't have wasted that luck on me and went out and bought a lotto ticket. Lol

So that does appear to be the problem, upgraded and must've missed the qca upgrade from last month.

I'm using the community i3, so I'd like to keep kernel at 4.14 to stay safe.

By chance do you know which package I should downgrade? I don't see any qca or relevant net packages.

Thanks, I'm going to steer clear of vbox on this machine, I'll test your solution on another build when I get it running.

The firmware is located in /lib/firmware. There are numerous posts from a month or so ago on this topic.
A forum search will turn up the precise information. Simply search your adapter model on the forum.

I ended up upgrading to 4.19, I didn't realize how easy it was using mhwd.

Also did some searches and saw your posts, thanks for sharing! And pointing me in the right direction.

Closing this thread.

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Glad to hear it’s working reliably now.

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