[Solved] Network Manager & ? Systemd problems after resume from suspend

I recently installed Manjaro i3 edition. It is up to date. All working fine except one issue:

When I resume from suspend Network Manager tends to hang (spinning icon) and the only way around the issue I have found is to : "systemctl restart NetworkManager".

A paste of the relevant "dmesg" output it here : http://dpaste.com/0GSFXBC

The dmesg log shows stack call traces for systemd, but not necessarily related to Network Manager so I cannot tell if this is a NM problem or a systemd problem.

There is a fix, it involves writing a systemd service.

I have many other posts on this topic if you search the forum.





Here are some external links with excellent systemd reference material:

The ArchWiki - systemd

Red Hat - systemd-targets

Red Hat - systemd unit files

Systemd manpage


Excellent stuff tbg. Thank you. I resorted to a short .bashrc alias to do the systemd restart command after resume, but your "service" method is more elegant for sure. Will do that this evening...

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Please let me know if you need any assistence writing the unit file. It should be fairly easy as you probably do not need to remove/load the modules or the adapter. Please post any working systemd unit on this thread and also on my systemd unit thread.


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