[Solved] No oxygen-sounds after 5.19.4 package update

There was a problem of startup sound being cut off (if you had startup sound set) introduced with Plasma 5.19 (regression), but it got worse with Plasma 5.19.3, where startup sound became completely muted and then the issue escalated further with Plasma 5.19.4 update where no oxygen-sounds are played, even in system (notification) settings.


I want to report a bug but before I do that, I want to confirm if that is just me or wider problem?

Thank you

EDIT: I have oxygen-sounds 5.19.4-2, while Plasma is 5.19.4-1. However, downgrading oxygen-sounds to 5.19.4-1 didn't help.
I opened systemsettings5 in terminal and when I try to play any oxygen sound I get:

Failed to play sound with canberra: File or data not found

When I checked the file location ~/.local/share/sounds/ it's completely empty. I'll check my backup to see if there is a difference or maybe different location is needed, but I didn't change or set the location, it was default from the start (5 years ago).

OK, found the root of the issue. During oxygen-sounds update, package complained about the file existing in the system and put /usr/share/sounds/ into sounds.old and sounds.old1 and created a file sounds instead of the folder. So either oxygen-sounds is broken or something went wrong on my end. I'll restore sounds.old as it has the most complete files.


EDIT2: I restored the folder and sounds came back (I had to delete the sounds file). Looks like the oxygen-sounds update is broken, because when I updated it again, it created /usr/share/sounds/sounds/ where it put the sound files instead overwriting the ones already existing. Anyway, I moved the new files manually to /usr/share/sounds/ which overwrote the old ones and all works fine.

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