[SOLVED] NTFS in read-only mode

I have read this topic: Denied access on HDD when I move files but I still cannot write into an ntfs partition with Thunar, Dolphin or Files despite having ntfs-3g installed. Is there something else I can try without having to rely on the command line? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The cause of this has been covered a thousand times - exagerated I know.

It is caused by the NTFS file system being in a dirty state.

This happens mostly when Windows is not shutdown correct or Windows Fastboot and/or hybrid sleep is enabled.

The remedy is booting to windows and running the chkdsk utility and ensuring Windows Fastboot and hybrid sleep is disabled.


Hey, thanks for the super-quick reply! :smiley:

With "Windows Fastboot" you mean the setting that can be found in the BIOS/UEFI, or is it a setting that I find "inside" the Windows OS?

And with "hybrid sleep is enabled" you mean that the last time I shut down Windows I used hybrid sleep and this is why I can not write, or is it that if I merely see the option to make an hybrid sleep when I'm switching off Windows, no matter if I normally shut down Windows or if I use hybrid sleep, then that means I can not write in the NTFS partition?

Hello, Echo

You need to boot Windows and go into settings with Power Management, there you need to turn off Fastboot, because when Fastboot is on always when you turn off your computer(With Windows and Fasboot on) it goes into hybrid sleep, it saves everything on disk, that means when other OS will mount that disk and write into it, there is chance of losing data etc.. Manjaro recognizes that the disk is used by other OS and blocks you to write into it, to don't lose any data etc...

When you turn off Fasboot, it will shutdown normally, and then you will be able to write into that disk, partition safely.

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From the tutorial on dual-boot - and yes - everytime you shutdown using the hybrid sleep / or windows fastboot option you bar yourself from writing to the device.


Many thanks, this solved my problem! :smiley:

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