[SOLVED] NVIDIA PRIME synchronization

Yeah, I am curous whether @asynec is still on manjaro and how is the MX150 performance in his case...

In mine, installing bumblebee disables composition in both accelmethods.

@lf_araujo It appears he/she is since it states 2 days ago last posted.

I'm looking forward to the release of Acer Switch 7 black edition, it comes with MX150. It's the first fanless "gaming" capable laptop.

Hi there, yep, I am still on Manjaro.
I was unaware of that issue in the update until you brought it up here... Everything has been working normally for me, but I don't think I have actually updated to the latest bumblebee driver. I'm open to trying it though.


Thank you, I have been trying to debug this. What happens is that whenever I install a new kernel, bumblebee works until next reboot. All files within /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ seems ok and changes to these files does not alter the result: blinking prompt, black screen.

Which kernel version are you using when you experience that? I have not tried progressing beyond the 4.14 LTS kernel recently, but I do remember when I first tried 4.15, I had an issue where my external display couldn't be seen by the laptop. I found that if I shut the computer down completely instead of rebooting, the issue seemed to resolve temporarily, which I used to downgrade the kernel to 4.14. That was a while ago though.

Followed the directions and didn't have any issues. *had to do some research and self education, but no issues.
One question. How do you switch between igpu and dgpu after this is configured as the usual prime-select commands won't be present? Sorry if this is a stupid question or if I'm missing something completely obvious. *I tend to do that...For example do these procedures setup the nvidia to be used all the time with no way to switch?
(would be a solution for me:)

Came back on the latest download of KDE Manjaro, followed the exact same steps and ended up with no display :frowning:

I hope you set the display-setup script for sddm instead of lightdm for the KDE Manjaro. We can help if you give us a little more details. Regarding the switching between igpu and dgpu, is there a particular reson you dont want to use the dgpu? Because there are ways to switch but I am sure most are inconvenient. If you want convenient switching of gpus maybe you should consider using bumblebee instead.

I'm trying to do this too, but I can't figure out exactly where to put the little script with the xrandr calls - for LightDM.

It doesn't have the same directory/config structure as SDDM - it's all in /etc/lightdm. There's an Xsession file you could modify, but in the lightdm.conf file, there's a bunch of places you can call an external script... before the greeter, before the login, etc. I just don't know which one.

I've learned a lot working in Manjaro, but it's tedious having to reset things to get out of a boot loop.

There's a more up-to-date #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials topic here:

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