[solved] Pomodoro for i3wm

Hi there

I am looking for the Pomodoro app that I can use with i3wm, it should be a simple step but it is not.
I found a few on AUR but on my system I have conflict after conflict. On the main distro, I can't find anything.

Do you have any suggestions?

It would be very good if you also post the conflicts, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to help.
Please also write what you did exactly, preferably the entire terminal output.
Please read that too.

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Hi Admdb
thanks for the reply.
My question was not really about conflicts, I was not persisting too much as it was from AUR, I was hoping that there is pomodoro app in main repository, which is eluding me. :slight_smile:

If you use pamac, you will know, it is not in repository :wink:


Did tried that one, end up with lots of compatibility errors.
Apologies about my unclear question.
I was more looking for recommendation what people use as pomodro then anything else.

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