[SOLVED] Properly editing fstab to add additional drives on boot.

I suppose you need a mount-point for each?

I believe it is just considered best practices with the file hierarchy standard. Which of course is only a guidline not carved in stone.

Drives internal or external?

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Hooked to the mobo via sata, all of them.

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As my Data drives generally contain media ad not private information I often use the "users" flag rather than "user".
Less secure, but easier for sharing files. On a home comp I'm not too wound up about access permission for media as I know who is in my home.


I just want to clarify that "I want it to auto-mount" does not mean you need the auto flag.
For example, with auto, if a partition or drive is missing or misbehaving in any way, the system will halt (BSOTTY).
With noauto, it will always boot and at the 1st call for a partition (included in fstab) will mount it, using the respective flags in fstab. You may also add your preferred delay time that is tried to mount/read the partition (x-something in man mount).

In fact, the name auto is not exactly correct in this case. With noauto, it is auto-mounting at 1st need.

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Well, it's your system and you do with it as you want, but /media is not the place to mount HDD/SDD partitions ─ it's intended for removable media ─ and I personally don't like the volume-oriented approach of mounting a partition at something like /data.

GNU/Linux is a UNIX system, and it is much more of a UNIX than macOS in that regard, which attempts to do the volume-oriented approach on top of an underlying UNIX, just because that's how Classic MacOS used to do it.

Volume-oriented approach to storage is also a Microsoft thing, taken over from DOS (and Digital Research CP/M before it). UNIX prefers a hierarchic approach and offers plenty of potential mountpoints.

For instance, my multimedia is stored under /srv/mmedia/video and /srv/mmedia/music, whereby /srv as a whole is a separate partition. And the reason why I've put it there is because I want those files to be readable to all user accounts. UNIX is a multiuser architecture, so... :wink:

Anyway, it's your computer and you're the sysadmin, so you can put it where you like. But /media is not the right place. Why not mount them under your $HOME, if you're going to treat it as a single-user system anyway?


Ok, so I have all my wallpapers on my 2tb drive. So it need to be mounted before KDe starts or KDE freaks out because there's no hard drive or would that call to that drive from KDE as it loads cause the mounting?

The nofail option will not stall the system at boot if the filesystem in question is not available, and then the pass number should be set to "0" as well.

I think you will find much disagreement over this statement. Regardless, as @Aragorn states it's your decision. I also use /srv as well.

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It is a single users system. I thought about $HOME but I wasn't sure if I should?
I've done many things with linux in my short time I thought were appropriate and caused havoc. :rofl:

I was just going to add this in my 1st post. I was distracted by other topics following, sorry :sob:.

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They are files owned by your user account, so mounting them under your $HOME would be totally appropriate. :wink:


Just don't encrypt them. :laughing:






All hell broke loose.

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Nah, just kidding. Worked like a charm!

Thank you again @Aragorn, @Marte, @tbg, @AgentS

You are a w e s o m e


Have a read - @linux-aarhus just posted this info. Excellent mount advice if you are mounting shares. I also use bind mounts.


Sharing knowledge is (should be) joy!

Now, for helping more than one, I suggest you change the topic title, so other wondering users may more easily (that's more like a joke, considering Discourse search abilities...) profit. Maybe add tags, whatever you like. Show us!

Are you suggesting that newbies actually make use of the search facility before they post "HAAAALP!" threads?

That is preposterous! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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Thank you. Bookmarked it.

The NSF stuff will come in handy when I tackle that. Got a ton of info now so woohoo!

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