[SOLVED] Recently installed questionable login screen theme, it broke and now I can't login (KDE)

I did not encounter any error message upon installation, it worked fine for a few days and I performed some updates via octopi, then when I was in Netflix the theme crashed when it went into the lock screen when I went afk. It gave me something like "theme crashed, please press ctrl + alt + f2 and type (some command that didn't work)".

Yup, while waiting for OP, I downloaded said theme and it works. No problem.
And ...I did my commands above and I got back my default.
And change back some things like autologin to get back to my preferred one.

So since I've nothing to do anymore, and the OP won't try my commands.
Good bye and have a good day.

And oh... I am going to mark my post above as solution so others here can use it.
Even if the OP won't. Muahahahaha !!!


What? I just used those commands after seeing where the linux line was. I got the same error as before when using startx. "Since the OP won't try my commands", I literally cannot get into my laptop. What purpose would ignoring your instructions do for me? I appreciate your help, but there's no need to be rude. I am just inexperienced.

After trying this, I get the same error as before when I use startx. My Linux line does look different, though. Instead of stopping at "rw quiet" the line continues into "rw quiet resume=UUID=fe0e3e21-9489-4d9e-b37b-dda65d2833\cd"

remove also (backspace to remove)
taking care not to remove 'rw'
remember add '3'
when booted , also do
sudo update-grub
you have bad grub.cfg.


Ho ho ho.

Me rude? ha ha ha.

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I did what you said, deleted that stuff and added 3, hit f10 to start and it didn’t seem to help. I took some pictures of my screen. Forgive my incredibly reflective screen and photography skills. Uploading: 290AE09A-1C13-40E6-ABF4-378A699FE0D3.jpeg... Uploading: A6D60E6C-86A3-432C-8A26-FD84D55B877D.jpeg... Uploading: B1591B92-4BE4-4C03-BBC5-DF301D5A803A.jpeg...

  1. I cannot see your link. Please resend link.
  2. I think there's more than just the installation of the sddm theme that is the problem.
    Your resume (swap) UUID as noted is not right.
  3. If you think you can follow, try using this first post and see if you can boot up.
    You have to use the [More Complicated Setup] to boot as your grub.cfg, I think, is kaput.
    And there's no need to use resume=UUID=xxxxxxx in that link; it isn't required.
    Hopefully that's all there is in the problem. But there may be more and you may still face difficulties.
  4. If you can boot up, provide from the terminal
sudo blkid
sudo parted -l
grep resume /etc/default/grub
grep keymap /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
cat /etc/fstab

That's asking a lot of info but I suspect there's some very unusual setup you may have.
5. Lastly, it may just be easier for you to reinstall.
But please note there is a difference in installing uefi and bios-legacy.
Be clear what your system and disk are in
msdos/gpt or uefi/bios-legacy and install appropriately.
Would be good to go through the installation wiki one more time.

In short, I think the sddm theme may just be a red herring (not the issue) that cause the problem you are facing. It is just coincidental that while you install sddm theme, your problem arise. Of course, we cannot be certain of that.

But good luck. We'll be around if you need more help.
Oh...it's late for me here. Good night.


I agree with @gohlip that sddm theme may not be the actual problem.
You need to check and verify proper setup for these:

  1. Home folder permissions. How?
    Run the command I posted above and check hidden files/folders permissions. Or post the output.
  2. Confirm packages are updated. How?
sudo pacman -Syu
systemctl poweroff
  1. Try another sddm theme (clever! )
  2. Confirm your swap/hibernation partition UUID is written properly in /etc/default/grub . How? Follow last post from @gohlip advice.
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If you cannot boot up the installed OS, boot up a liveOS and provide from terminal

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid

Then go to liveOS file manager and look into the installed manjaro OS partition.
From there, print out contents of


/etc/mkinitcpio.conf --> just the HOOKS line will do
/etc/default/grub --> just the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= line will do.

I did all of this (have not done your previous post where you go to bed for the day) and took pictures. I uploaded them on imgur at https://imgur.com/a/VKDfv55.

However, booting into my liveOS, I was able to retrieve the files that I really needed (several hours worth of code), so I no longer really need to get my Manjaro partition working again. Now, I really just want to figure out what this problem is and get everything properly setup so that I don't run into this issue again or other severe problems in the future.

I am entirely open to delete the partition if need be. I figure something is wrong with my GRUB setup. I have a dual-boot with windows 10 and Manjaro. A few months ago, I had Ubuntu 18.04 installed on the partition Manjaro is now on, but overwrote it through the partitioning tool in the Manjaro installer. There still exists a tiny boot partition for Ubuntu on my hard drive that I haven't gotten rid of, maybe that is the problem?

In my last post where I replied to @gohlip, I did those commands you previously posted and put the results in that imgur link. I also listed some (probably) relevant information about my setup.

  1. I think we tried(?) changing the theme earlier and it didn't work, but if not, I don't know how to change it inside the tty.

  2. Honestly, I would rather just delete the partition than do all that. Especially since, and I said this in my last post, I got the important files that I needed to get by booting into a liveOS. And there isn't anything I have saved on there that I really need anymore because of that.

From your last few screen shots, you are in your installed OS (prompt) not the liveOS.
You can boot into the installed OS now.
The errors show xorg/xserver issues.
However, I am not good in these things (xorg/xserver) and if someone else can help, that will be best.
To fix it, again go into prompt (use '3' at linux line - hope you know this time) and use the commands the people here give you.

If you can tell them what your graphic card is, and whether any dual graphic cards, it will be good.
The best info would be

inxi -G
mhwd -l
mhwd -li

ps: my (unexpert) advice (only in the case of non-dual or fancy graphic cards)
if nvidia use non-free; if amd, use free
to fix , I (nonexpert) do this
remove all drivers in 'mhwd -li'
sudo pacman -Syyuu
install the appropriate driver (just one)
do again 'pacman -Syu' (to fix missing xorg/xserver, if required)


What is left now is to verify updated system and troubleshoot video drivers.
@gohlip is correct.
Delete pacman lock and retry update

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
sudo pacman -Syu

If sddm fails, go to TTY and try startx .
Post info

inxi -SMGxxxz
mhwd -li
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log
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After I removed pacman, I am getting several "error: failed retrieving file 'multilib.db'" messages when I put in sudo pacman -Syu. At the end it says

error: failed to update multilib (invalid url for the server)
error: failed to synconize all databases

I may not have a connection, but when I type in ping google.com, I am getting

ping: www.google.com: name or service not known.

Try again.
If it always fails try recreate mirrorlist and post errors, if any.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 12
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Even after recreating mirrorlist, I get the same error as before. Failed to synchronize all databases. At this point I am very close to just installing manjaro over this partition and being done with it. As a note I guess, this laptop has an Nvidia 940mx video card.

Please close this thread. I just went ahead and deleted all my partitions, reinstalled windows, then installed Arch and everything works good again. I figured out that the underlying issue was that my EFI partition had been corrupted, and without knowing how go into it and make the changes necessary to fix the problem, the easiest solution was to just delete it and start over. Thank you all for your help.

That's easy, right @AgentS ? No need to reinstall.
And we knew about the sddm theme as a red herring.
If we had known about it and has the info we requested from the start.

I had thought about letting this pass and just move on.
But somehow... right now, I'm a bit petulant.

I'll take a break. A short break. A Kit Kat break.

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I believe it was a system "corruption" problem, not really EFI or a simple sddm.
Also summer heat affects everything. :wink:

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