[SOLVED] Right Click Button on Title Bar

Can somebody help me telling how to disable this right click menu and application icon on the top left of the title bar? I have looked in tweaks and settings. And I am pretty sure that no extension is also responsible for that, as I tried disabling extensions. I also installed a fresh copy on virtual machine and none of these application icon or menu icon appeared there. And as you're seeing in the screenshot some applications (which are based on GTK2 may be) have the 3 dot menu button and some have the app icon (which is not clickable).


Go into Tweaks, isolate the shell extension, then disable it and replace whatever in that corner.


I tried disabling all the extensions. And also one by one. I have only 5 extensions enabled.

Oh boy. Is this new behavior? Did it start happening after an update? I'm not running GNOME ATM, but perhaps another GNOME user or @Ste74 can provide you a better answer. GNOME DE is undergoing rapid updates/development at present.


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Unfortunately I didn't notice when it appear. :smirk:
What I can try is updating the virtual box copy. Anyway, thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you on the stable branch? I am currently on up to date stable branch with Manjaro Gnome, and neither app has that problem.
Could it be theme related? e.g. Cinnamon or Plasma have the option to add context menu icon on the title bar and some themes have an icon and location reserved for it. Could it be the case? Just try another theme.

Also, Gnome starting to remove app menu from the top bar into hamburger like the menu in the application title bar and some apps have already implemented that (e.g. Lollypop), could this be related? (I hardly think so, but just for case)

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I am on the stable branch, yes. Don't think it is a theme related issue. I tried changing themes. :confused:

The menu you are talking about appears in the right side before the minimize button. And that menu varies from app to app. But this left side menu has the same options as the right click menu on title bar and also same for all applications. I am updating my virtual box copy. Let's see if gnome has something to do with it.

Maybe we talk about something different, but there is a menu item that is usually on the left side of the title bar and it provides the context menu for the right click.

Anyway, by chance are you using gtk3 classic/mushrooms instead of normal gtk3 packages?

What I remember, menubutton with maximize and close are configured in the dconf.

Use program called dconf-editor

Then locate a value at

org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout 

There read the description and change the default value 'appmenu:close' to IDK 'minimize:maximize:close' or just play with it.

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I have seen that context menu on XFCE/MATE. But I don't remember if I have seen something similar on Gnome. How can I check that which gtk3 packages I am using? I don't have gtk3-classic or gtk3-mushrooms installed.

You can see it in the package manager, but if those two are not installed then you are using the default one.

Neither I do, but there is something similar in Cinnamon as well, thus I thought that something could be mixed there, but apparently that does not seems to be the case.

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Yes! :grinning:
It is disappeared now. Thanks a lot. :blush:

@svooo Thanks to you too man.

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No problem :3 mark it as solved, thx


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