[SOLVED] Unable to Install Manjaro XFCE in ASUS TUF FX505G

I have downloaded the official xfce image and created a bootable usb (tried balenaEtcher and Rufus). Also i have created a free 150G partition specially for manjaro from 512G NVMe SSD.

I am getting this error on clicking launch button


Please help me in this

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In your system's firmware - set your disk to AHCI - disable Intel Optane and any raid mode.

But i will not be able to boot windows

Please have a look at the following thread where the OP has found a solution:

:warning: Please do some research of your own and proceed at your own risk. That is "Don't shoot the messenger" :wink:

Intel Optane does not support Linux.

Tough choice ...

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C'mon that's a no brainer. Bye bye Bill.

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