[Solved] Unable to open Settings/Display applet

After some mishaps with XFCE files , almost everything works ok except accessin the Settings Display part.

I am in a simple laptop without Nvidia nor ATI graphics.

Recently I have connected an external monitor via HDMI with higher resolution and only noticed have enabled the "mirror" screen option ...

But now, without access to the Settings Display widget , how can I turn it off ?
or put it in Extend mode ?
Although In the XFCE Panel widget I have tested and selected most of the available options with no sucess whatsoever.

How can I recover that Settings / Display widget ?

thanks in advance

Try re-installing xfce4-settings:

sudo pacman -Syu xfce4-settings

Perhaps this will restore everything as it shoul be.


Try Alt +F2 and run xfce4-display-settings

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solved by re-installing xfce4-display-settings ...

Although it did run correctly , any option change did not have any effect...

nonetheless installed the AUR mons script and got it solved...

thanks for the fast answer ...

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