[solved] Virtualbox: 3D acceleration will be removed with version 6.1.0

Dear Forum,

since the latest stable update, virtualbox (windows 10 vm) gives me the following warning message:

This VM is configured to use 3D acceleration using the VBoxVGA graphics controller. Support for this will be removed with version 6.1.0. ALL saved states and snapshots will cease to work when using this configuration. Either switch to the VBoxSVGA (or VMSVGA) graphics controller and update guest additions, or disable 3D acceleration.

Any recommendations, i.e. switching to VBoxSVGA (or VMSVGA) graphics controller or disable 3D acceleration?


...is the new graphics controller with better performance than legacy VBoxVGA.
However, in my tests with Win10, it produces graphics issues when 3D acceleration is enabled.
Simply try and see what's best for you.

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On Manjaro the recommended setup is using VBoxSVGA.

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But isn't OP talking about a Win10 guest?

In any way though, VBoxSVGA seems to be the better and future proof choice.

Absolutely - it is about a Win 10 guest and your remark on graphic issues was spot on - I have had those too and the only way to remove them was to disable 3D.

They will probably get better support for the - sometimes peculiar - Windows behavior.

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Yes, I can confirm that behaviour here.
VBoxVGA with 3D accel works, but it's rather slow.
I think it's better (for the moment) to use VBoxSVGA and disable 3D accel.

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Thank you, guys. VBoxSVGA and disabled 3D acceleration seems to work quite well.

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